Bed Bugs Questions and Answers (2)

Questions  : I went on craigslist and found 2 mattress sets what do I need to do?

Answer  : It’s always good as a precautionary to order mattress and box spring encasements to quickly encase you mattress and box spring before taking it inside your home. Before encasing the mattress and box spring using a product called Sterifab will also help to sterilize the mattress and box spring and kill potentially and bed bugs or dust mites it may come across.

Steri-Fab - 16 oz.

Questions  : How do I get rid of bed bugs?

Answer : For bed bug treatment you will first need to start by encasing both your mattress and box spring. Afterwards we recommend that you begin chemical treatment. However during the chemical treatment consistency is the key so you should be careful to follow the instructions as directed on the product label. Different pesticides contain different residual time so it may require you to re treat the area at different times.

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Questions : If i get my carpet steam cleaned will that kill bed bugs?

Answer : Unfortunately just steaming your carpet will not help you to rid your bed bug infestation because bed bugs not only reside in the carpeting area, but they also hide inside mattresses, inside wall void areas, behind picture frames and virtually any small crack and crevices in which they can. But utilizing the steamer will dramatically alleviate the immediate bed bug infestation.

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Questions  : Help!!! We had bedbugs a few years ago, had the entire house treated. They were gone until recently. But they seem to be only in my sister’s room. We went out and bought Hot Shot bedbug spray and they were gone for a few days. My room is adjacent to hers and I have no bugs yet. How can I treat her room alone and what do I do?

Answer  : The best way to approach this treatment would be to treat the wall voids with a dust such as Mother Earth Diatomaceous Dust or Alpine Dust. Often times, bed bugs can be hiding inside the wall void areas and travel through the wall voids and spread to other rooms. Of course using other chemicals for a more thorough defense is recommended, but it would be ideal to at least start off with the dust. We would also like to suggest the Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent for the entire house but especially your sister’s room. Eco Keeper’s newest product is useful in that during the most intimate time of our day, our resting period during our sleep, it protects us from potentially being attacked by bed bugs overnight.

Alpine Dust Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent

Questions  :I had gotten a box spring for my Queen size mattress and put it outside and sprayed it with bug spray and of course the next morning I had 2 dead bedbugs. I continued for the next week spraying it and haven’t seen anymore but I didn’t want to bring it in till I was sure they were dead so I have left it outside all winter. My question is: will the cold kill them? Is it safe to bring it in the house after months of spraying and freezing weather? Thanks

Answer  : Typically, it takes about 2 weeks of freezing temperatures to kill bed bugs. So if they have been left out all season, it seems to be safe to say that you can bring it back inside.


Question: I have bed bugs and the small cockroaches. I want to purchase some water soluble concentrated insecticide as well as bedbug growth control chemicals. I live IN California, a state that seems to wants to “be kind to bed bugs”! I need to find what works and that California will allow a private citizen can purchase and that is very good at killing both of these pests. I have no family or pets in my residence so that is a factor that no major caution is needed. Please get back to me on this matter ASAP! Thank you


Answer: water soluble concentrate called FenvaStar EcoCap ,  Gentrol IGR (insect growth regulator)
Those two are the products that we recommend when customers look for a water soluble concentrate liquid insecticide and an IGR as far as bed bug control goes, but these two products also work for roach control. Although you may not have pets or children, you must leave the treated area alone to dry before you come in contact with that treated area again.



Date: Thursday, 14. April 2011 15:31
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    I am currently having my apartment treated for bedbugs. I was told to put all my clothes, CD’s, DVD’s, books, etc., into plastic bags and seal them up, and this I have done. (The point is supposedly to suffocate any existing bugs and the issue of any eggs that may have been laid.) I am trying not to spend any more time in the place than I can absolutely help, and I’m keeping the lights on 24/7 (because bedbugs, I’m told, are afraid of light, like cockroaches, and only come out when it is dark). I’m also sleeping on the porch, where the temperature has been below 65 every night (I understand that bedbugs go dormant under that point). When can I hope to unbag my possessions and put them back in their proper places?

  2. 2

    Bed bugs require chemical treatment to get rid of them. They are able to live up to a year without a food source, so putting infected items into plastic bags will not be effective. Heat has proven to be effective on bed bugs, so you may want to wash/dry clothing at high heat.

    Bed bugs require various treatments according to the size of the infestation. Initially, you must check all areas in detail to see where they have infested. Common areas include mattress seams, base boards, etc. You may actually be able to see the bed bugs or you may discover blood spots and dark spots of feces. We carry various products such as sprays, liquid concentrates, IGRs, and dusts. The spray is used to treat intimate areas around mattresses, furniture, etc. They often have a residual of 2 weeks. The liquid concentrate is used for larger surfaces such as the base boards of the room; they have a residual of about 3-4 months. The IGR is an insect growth regulator which prevents the insect from reaching a state of maturity at which they are able to reproduce. The dust product is restricted to areas of minimal or no contact such as the wall void area, under/behind furniture, etc. The residual is about 5-6 months.

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    Hi there..I recently discoverd bedbugs in my daughters room..before i threw out their beds I sprayed the whole room and bed with some bedbug spray I finished 2 16oz question is should I keep spraying more in the whole house(2storyhome) and maintain it clean as possible or should I have some proffesional check it out upstairs is all carpet and downstairs is wood and tile! For the past few weeks I have not seen any of my children complaining about it..

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    will soaking toys in bleach water kill any eggs that may have been laid. What do i do with any tous that are in my sons room?

  5. 5

    Hi Susan,
    I don’t know if that is a safe way and not sure if it is very effective. Also, you might risk the chances that the toys will be damaged by soaking them in bleach. You can steam them if they can withhold high temperatures. There are such things as vapor strips. You can put the toys in airtight bags with the Nuvan Pro Strips and kill the bed bugs that way. However, you must leave the toys in the bag with the strips until the strips have totally worn out, which takes approximately two weeks. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

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    I have found blood stains on my pillows. They are in differing sizes and lead in trails. They are red. They stay within an area of about 8 inches. They do wash out of my pillow cases. Could I have bed bugs

  7. 7

    Its possible, but to be sure I would recommend that you do a thorough inspection around the crack and crevices of the mattress and box spring area. Bed bugs love to hide in small crevices near their food hosts.

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