Insecticide Sprays to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are notorious creatures; getting rid of them can be a pain in case the infestation is severe. Yet there are a wide number of professional grade insecticide sprays that can restore a goodnight’s sleep for the owner of a bed bug infested home. Now wonder sprays for bed bugs are the most popular control measures.

Here is a list of some of the best professional grade bed bug sprays in the market. But these must be used with a lot of care and all label instructions must be followed because these are toxic chemicals that are harmful for pets and kids.

  • Bedlam Bed Bug Insecticide Spray- This water-based insecticide comes with a special formulation to kill bedbugs and other biting insects instantly; it leaves a long lasting non-irritant residue which is why it can be used directly on all furnishings.
  • CB D-Force – It is a broad spectrum label contact insecticide; it can be used to openly kill and control household pests that include ants, bedbugs and cockroaches.
  • Alpine Pressurized Insecticide Spray is another direct contact insecticide. Its potency comes from Dinotefuran which is a powerful and highly toxic insecticidefor ants, bed bugs, flies, cockroaches, beetles and spiders.
  • Steri-Fab, an all-purpose liquid is used for disinfecting, sanitizing and deodorizing contaminated surfaces. Besides bed bugs, it also gets rid of bacteria and fungi.
  • Besides the above, CB-80 aerosol and FastOut CS foam are also useful to curb bed bug population at home.

Despite the list provided above, bed bug control kits are highly recommended. These kits have a useful combination concentrated insecticides, sprays, aerosols, dusts and bed bug traps. Using such kits in combination is a great way to get rid of the severest bed bug infestations indoors.


Date: Friday, 20. June 2014 7:52
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