Issues with Bed Bugs and Large Buildings

There is this issue that many bed bug exterminators will likely face. I like to call it the “building manager issue”. Consider this situation. What if you have a client who calls you up for help on bed bugs on her apartment unit? Of course the most sensible thing to do is to set them on a treatment plan immediately. However, the client is complaining that the result is relief for five days and then the problem is back. You are back to square one. You are confused as to how this could happen since the residual of many liquid concentrates used to treat for bed bugs is at least 30 days. Moreover, your client lives in an apartment complex and the management will not allow you to treat adjacent apartments, nor will they make an effort to inform the neighbors.

Well, our answer to that is according to recent studies, bed bugs might have somehow developed some kind of resistance to some pesticides, especially pesticides with pyrethroids. When this happens, these bed bugs will likely avoid the areas treated with Dragnet and move on to the previous places they were in using a different route. This could be the reason why they have returned in 5 days time. Another reason for this is that residuals like pyrethroids are easily affected by environmental conditions. Like those pesticides used outdoors do not last very long compared to those used indoors. Or those used in the dark places stay longer than those exposed to light. In any case, solely depending on chemical control can be limited, depending on the size of the infestation and many other circumstances surrounding the infestation.

Our advice is that you might want to add non – chemical methods like steamers. They are cheap and easy to operate. Portable steamers are also readily available in the market nowadays, so it should not be any problem acquiring them. Steamers are good to use in all types of areas and surfaces and is not chemically based at all, which means a smaller chance of misuse of chemicals. Moreover, mattress encasements and box spring encasements have proven to be highly effective in efforts to control numbers. AllerZip brands are good choices for the job. Also, bed bug traps are excellent additions to the bed bug control movement. If you do not have any particular brand in mind, check out Eco Keeper which is totally cost friendly and easy to use.

Now, let’s get back to the main issue of the building manager. Usually, building managers allow inspections of their units especially if this involves bed bug threats. There are some, however, who are stubborn about it. You have to do anything within your power to convince them to allow you to inspect the adjacent rooms or units, including those beside, above and below the affected unit. This way, both of you will be assured that there are no further infestation within the building. If however, you find out that there is indeed another infestation, you have to convince them to subject the infested places to different methods of bed bug elimination. Nowadays, I believe building managers are quite aware of the lawsuits which happen to managers who are found to have bed bugs in their areas of responsibility. So all you have to do is to make them see the light of your logic. Do not be aggressive but stress the importance of the situation and the dire need to control the bed bugs in the entire complex rather than just one apartment.

Date: Wednesday, 30. November 2011 14:42
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