Leave Work Without The Bugs

I think pest control professionals may have it the worst. It’s enough that they worry about fleas and cockroaches getting free rides through their work clothes, but now it’s the bed bugs that have become a major concern. Common bed bugs can either crawl up or just fall from the ceiling to find resources. According to one survey, 15% of pest management professionals and technicians say that they have unknowingly and unwittingly brought beg bugs into their own homes by not properly disposing their infested work clothes.

The best way to avoid bringing insect infestation into your home is by using N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide or DEET, which is a standard mosquito repellent. Bayer has also developed a “safer” repellent called Picaridin that is claimed to have low acute oral, dermal and inhalation toxicity. While there are no testimonials or independent studies on their effect against bed bugs yet, using the products on shoes and lower areas of your work clothes can still reduce the chances of bed bugs getting a free ride to your houses.

To make sure that bed bugs don’t even get to your vehicle after every treatment, remove your protective clothing even before you climb into your vehicle. Put the clothes in a laundry bag and seal it securely.  We also recommend washing your work clothes in hot water and loading them onto a hot dryer for 30 minutes, as this process kills bed bugs and their eggs. If you’re wearing overalls while working, tape the ends of the pants to bar insects from getting in. It’s better to cover all your bases when it comes to prevention.

For now though, it seems that standard preventative measures by means of physical control like make sure you take off your work clothes before going home and etc. will be the best way to prevent the issue of bring home bugs from work.

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Date: Wednesday, 9. November 2011 12:04
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