Resistant Bed Bugs?!

Many people are growing more alarmed these days. Why? Because they have discovered that the common bed bugs have developed some kind of resistance over some of what used to be the most effective insecticides. For people whose only wish is to get rid of these unwanted house guests, this news or developmentĀ  is really not good. They are now starting to question the ability of the insecticides to kill bed bugs. Their question now is along the lines of whether there are still proven methods of killing these bed bugs when even top products like Steri-Fab and Bedlam no longer “seem” effective enough.

The answer is that there are still ways to control bed bugs and there will always be ways to control. And yes, over the years, the bed bugs have amazingly developed some kind of adaptive skills which have made destroying them a problem. But according to lab tests and studies made by bed bug experts, there are just a few chemicals that bed bugs have become resistance to. However, we would like you to keep in mind that the top products like Bedlam and Sterifab are still very effective. It really depends though on the circumstances that you are using the products in. Although these are ranked as some of the most popular products used in the professional pest control industry, there are different formulations and types of insecticides that are used to control bed bugs. Sometimes, ready to use sprays and aerosols are just not enough for a large infestation. You may need an insecticide with a very long residual like concentrate formulas that need to be diluted or dust products in the wall voids. Also, to avoid resistance build up in bed bugs, a suggestion is that you vary the insecticide that you use once in a while. Do not stick to using the same insecticide over and over again. This is certainly a way for bed bugs to develop resistance against the insecticide that you use. Enclosing your appliances and non- washable items with sealed plastic bags and putting in vapor strips like Nuvan Pro Strips is also a measure that experts are nodding their heads about.

Moreover, for optimal control, you can also use non- chemical means of treatment in conjunction with chemical means of treatment. This may involve heating by laundering and drying or steaming. Dry cleaning your clothes and other fabrics is also good. Also consider the use of an encasement around your mattress and box spring also are effective means of helping to control bed bugs.

There are even ways to monitor for bed bugs with monitoring traps like Eco-Keeper’s Bed Bug Monitor and Glue Traps. Also, Eco-Keeper provides ways for you to protect yourself from bed bug bites at night with the Eco Keeper Bed Bug Tent which is easily installable and 100% effective.

With all this in consideration, it does seem overwhelming and it involves a lot of energy to get rid of pesky pests like bed bugs. The best thing to do is to really sit down and analyze the situation. Are you sure that they are bed bugs? If you have thoroughly inspected the concentrated areas of infestation and you are sure that the infestation you have is a bed bug infestation, then what do you think the source is? What is the size of your infestation? What means of control are you considering to get rid of the bed bugs? After you have figured all these things out, feel free to give us a call and we can try to better assist you with all the right products, whether is it chemical or non-chemical, to help you get rid of the bed bugs for good!

Date: Monday, 19. December 2011 12:06
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