Save Your Sanity: Bed Bug Tents

1323_1474_eco_keeper_bedbug_tent_overviewIt seems that in recent times, the entity that runs many cities in the United States and even globally are the infamous BED BUGS! Bed bugs do not portray favoritism and are not prejudiced in what TYPE of person they host on. They have left parents, business owners, students, homeowners, and etc. sleepless and sometimes even pushed to the extremities of being paranoid and almost…insane! Since bed bugs are nocturnal insects, they will feed exclusively during the night time. Moreover, if they are left alone, they reproduce at unbelievable and horrifyingly fast rates! So even when your home is undergoing bed bug treatment, it’s completely understandable that even sleeping in your own bed at night can be like a nightmare and totally uncomfortable.

What if someone told you, “No worries! I have something that will help you sleep comfortably.”…and no, nothing you eat or wear and not even a repellent – something that is totally safe and involves no chemicals whatsoever! Pest Mall has found you a product that is manufactured by the same company that manufactures the cost-friendly Bed Bug Monitor and Glue Traps, the Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent. We get so excited over things like this because it really helps us to help you live that much more comfortably.

1323_1477_eco_keeper_bedbug_tent_side_bottomI have never experienced a bed bug infestation myself, but I have heard some horrid stories from homeowners in distress. Some of the most common or frustrating experiences happen when bed bugs invade in such an overwhelming way that homeowners have to pay that much more money to spend days and even months in a hotel during the treatment process. Additionally, they tell me that even staying at a hotel doesn’t calm their minds because they are once again, vulnerable to or at risk of bringing home a new bed bug infestation! The “trust no one, no place” mentality can really drive a person mad!

This is precisely the reason why Eco Keeper has decided to produce and distribute the Bed Bug Tent. With the tent that is made with bed bug proof features, homeowners can stay within the comforts of their own home during the entire bed bug treatment process. The fine mesh that is used to make the tent is small enough to protect homeowners from even insects that are as small as no-see-ums. The size of every portion of the tent down to the very stitch is calculated so that even bed bugs can’t pass through the seams. The tent itself is further made to be bed bug proof due to the slippery vinyl that makes climbing up the tent an impossible task for the bed bugs.

1323_1482_eco_keeper_bedbug_tent_foot_ext_2During the most intimate times of rest, you don’t want to be bothered or stressed with a bed bug infestation. Create a bed bug free zone with the Eco Keeper Bed Bug Tent and even use the Eco Keeper Monitor and Trap under each leg of the bed! Pest Mall and Eco Keeper wishes you the best rest, even during a bed bug infestation!

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Date: Friday, 11. November 2011 9:49
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