What is the best Bed Bugs treatment to use with my pets


Q: I have bed bugs and I also have a dog and a cat. What is the best treatment to use with my pets

A: Thankfully, bed bugs are not very likely to be on your dogs or cats because they have difficulty traveling through hair and fur. Since there are also no bed bug pesticides that you can spray directly on your pets, your best defense is basically to treat around your pets. Use a relatively low-toxic like Sterifab for the underside of their beds and treat the rooms your pets are often in. You can try looking around for a pet-safe pesticide, but we personally are not aware of any. Good luck!

Steri-Fab - 16 oz.Steri-Fab



Q: Can small items be put into a freezer to kill bed bugs?

A: Unless you have a freezer that can be maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or colderĀ for a few weeks that will also never be opened until then, a freezer will NOT kill bed bugs.

Q: my husband skin is on fire because he lay down on the couch where there was bed bugs insecticides what to do

A: The first thing you should do is contact the local Emergency Poison Control number or go to a hospital and bring the product label. You are not supposed to spray any insecticides broadly where people would come in full contact with that. In the case of Bedlam, the spray can be used on mattress and sofas, but only along the seams and edges for the mattress and behind/underneath the cushions for sofas.

Bedlam Bed Bug Insecticide SprayBedlam Bed Bug Insecticide Spray

Q: do you have Safebed Protector4

A: Unfortunately, we do not have the Safebed Protector Monitors. However, we do offer other bed bug traps and monitors that are just as effective. We personally recommend the Eco-Keeper bed bug monitor and trap, since it will trap the bed bugs before they have the chance to climb up your bed legs. Moreover, you can use Eco-Keeper’s Bed Bug Tent which will help you rest easily during your nights of sleep.

Eco Keeper Bed Bug Monitor and Glue Trap-4 TrapsEco Keeper Bed Bug Monitor and Glue Trap

1323_1474_eco_keeper_bedbug_tent_overviewEco Keeper Bed Bug Tent



Date: Tuesday, 11. October 2011 14:29
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