What can I do to get rid of Clover Mite in my house? HELP

Question :What can I do to get rid of Clover Mite in my house? HELP

Answer  : For clover mites you will need to do a thorough treatment around the outside perimeter of your home. A chemical barrier outside the home may help reduce or prevent infestations inside the home. Treat 5-10 feet out from the base of the foundation and a few feet up on the walls. Successful chemical control requires a very thorough treatment. To get rid of the clover mites that are already indoors, you can start off by vacuuming. Try not to smear or crush the mites because they may leave a red stain. The chemical active ingredient bifenthrin has been known to be the best solution for mite problems. Therefore you can use products such as FenvaStar EcoCap. These products can be used for both outdoor and indoor treatment but it is only recommended that you apply the pesticide in limited areas such as around the window sills, baseboard areas, etc.

FenvaStar EcoCapFenvaStar EcoCap

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clover mite

Date: Tuesday, 26. April 2011 16:19
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