End of Sleepless Nights! “Pest Mall” Brings you the Solution For All Your Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs TreatmentEven as the population of parasites feeding on human blood we know as bed bugs declined during the mid Twentieth century, they have returned with renewed vigor, and this time, with a vengeance in their eyes. Since then international travel has also aided in transporting these pests to far flung areas across the globe. Since then, bed bug control has been the primary aim of state run pest control agencies as well as the pest management industry. This is where we have on offer a one stop solution to all your bed bug problems. With bed bugs treatment at an affordable rate you can reclaim your house from these pesky intruders.

Bed Bugs TreatmentThough they are not known as carriers of pathogens yet, it is still unclear whether they can actually transmit these to humans. The real fear associated with them lies elsewhere. The reddish swollen areas, an incessant cause of itching, are only a small part of the many problems associated with this menace. Not only can bed bugs give you sleepless nights but they can leave you distraught for days. Medical practitioners have identified post-traumatic stress disorder as an after-effect in many people who have been exposed to a bed bug infestation. The problems could range from severe anxiety, sleep related disorders, phantom itching to jumpiness and might persist even when the pests have been dealt with.

Bed bug treatment is however, not as easy since these nocturnal creatures are often hard to detect. However, if you can detect them through their dark brown droppings, through their presence in your linen, furniture or bedding or through their distinctly rotten raspberry like smell then you have to spring into action. Therefore try the things on offer for bed bugs control at home.

Date: Wednesday, 22. January 2014 17:38
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