HELP! I need help getting rid of fleas.

Q      : HELP! I need help getting rid of fleas. IS the archer IGR the product that I need? WIll it get rid of the ones that are alive plus the ones in the other stages?


A       : The Archer IGR solely prohibits the fleas from reaching a stage of reproduction. It will not have a killing effect. Therefore it is best recommended to be used along with a concentrated liquid insecticide such as Demize EC which will kill the fleas in all of its stages.


Q: Are Fleas invisable to the naked eye? Can they be cleared off your body?

A: Fleas are visible to the naked eye, but you would probably have to peer in very closely and maybe even use a magnifying glass to see them clearly. Most people tend to not see them because fleas hop around so much. Unfortunately, they cannot be cleared directly off your body, but we do have a wide variety of products available to kill fleas :Flea Control Products

Date: Friday, 29. April 2011 15:39
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