Having sleepless nights due to a possible bed bug infestation?

Bed bugs have increased in numbers post their widespread sightings since the 1990s. Having initially been wiped out by the 1940s due to the use of DDTs. This time with many such substances banned for their apparent health hazards and environmental effects bed bug infestations have become quite common. It is imperative that you identify the problem at the very outset. These reddish brown creatures with oval shaped flattened bodies primarily survive on human blood. Since these creatures are nocturnal and feed on their human hosts while they are asleep, they may be hard to spot.

Irritation and itching upon waking from a troubled sleep with reddish welt like inflammations might be signs of bed bug bites. Bed bugs can be identified by their skin sheds, faecal spots or often by spotting live ones in and around your bedding or linen. However, make no mistake. The number might not be small. Often this means that there is a nest nearby a harbourage where bed bugs have collected.

Bed bugs powder and bed bugs spray works really well in the initial stage of the treatment. You can combine this with a steam cleaner to rid your home of the problem. However, in cases of a full blown infestation you may need the control kits for your bed bugs treatment. These come equipped with everything from insecticide aerosol sprays, to dusters and powders, to insect growth regulator concentrates and the Fenvastar Ecocap. Given that they rarely leave you in peace it is better to be well equipped to handle an infestation with an understanding of how the bed bugs treatment works, than waiting until it’s too late.

Date: Tuesday, 28. January 2014 23:37
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