Looking to fight back the spiders and bed bugs in your house? Pestmall.com has the answer to all your problems. What are you waiting for?

Worried about the growing spider problem at home and looking for some easy to use spider killers? Well look no further. The spider Control Kit comes with a Delta Dust insecticide with a contact kill method to control pests which can be spread using the bellow bulb duster to get an even spread of dust. It also has the CY-kick Aerosol which being a residual insecticide would kill pests instantly. And all this while the Trapper Monitor and Insect glue Trap captures and monitors spiders. Other spider killers available in store are the Web-Out Cobweb Eliminator and the Nisus Fireback Spider and Scorpion Jet Spray.

A bed bug infestation can be recognized by the telltale sign of smear mark from its feces in and around your bedding and linen, the reddish swollen marks with incessant itching wherever it might have bitten during the night and actually spotting live ones. These flat reddish-brown oval insects need to be controlled with sprays or other insecticides the moment they are spotted. Bed bugs can not only make you spend sleepless nights but is also associated with Posttraumatic stress disorder in people exposed to an infestation. Effects could vary from sleep related disorders, to nervousness, jumpiness and shadow itching.

Spider SprayThese blood sucking insects are usually found within a 1.5 metre radius of the bed during the day therefore that might be a good place to look. Using pesticides and cleaning all linen and bedding in hot waterwill help. Some things might have to be discarded though. There are many sprays for bed bugs which are equally effective and can be used as per directions. For more information on Bed bug control or Spider control, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142. 

Date: Friday, 24. January 2014 17:10
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