Facts About Mosquitoes

We believe that it might be safe to say that the world will universally believe that mosquitoes are a nuisance, in fact, hated. They are dangerous, disease-carrying pests that attack every summer. With the surge of storms that have been hitting the states and especially after Sandy in the Northeast, there may be chances that mosquitoes may have a comeback. It is important to treat the area around your home and to protect yourself from this parasite. On a lighter note, here are some cool, or maybe not-so-cool, facts about mosquitoes:

  • Mosquitoes are one of the most deadliest creatures on Earth: Did you know that mosquitoes have killed more people that all the wars in history? They are deadly insects that carry diseases like the West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever, and dengue fever.
  • Male mosquitoes are actually  softies: It is the female mosquito that will bite people and animals and feed on blood. The male mosquitoes, however, just feed on flower nectar and are fairly harmless. Moms may understand, but mosquitoes need the blood to reproduce. Since males don’t have that burden of producing offspring, they don’t really need your blood and so they’ll just go for the sweet stuff instead.
  • Mosquitoes are slow: They fly at speeds of about 1 to 1.5 mph which is pretty slow. In fact, even butterflies, locusts, and bees are much faster than mosquitoes.
  • They need water: In order to breed, all mosquitoes need water and it only takes just a couple of inches. That’s why it’s important to regularly maintain bird baths, roof gutters, or anything else that can collect water.
  • Mosquitoes can actually detect carbon dioxide from as far as 75 feet away: When we breathe out, we exhale carbon dioxide. This is the key signal that mosquitoes use to tell them that a possible host is nearby. Extraordinarily, they are able to detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet away. Thanks to their keen sensitivity to carbon dioxide, if a female senses it, she will fly back and forth until she is able to locate the source.

Those were just some facts about mosquitoes. However, the most important fact: regularly treating the outside of your home from mosquitoes will help you protect yourself from their bites.

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Date: Tuesday, 18. June 2013 8:59
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