Onslaught of Ants: Tips and Products to Help and Control

An ant invasion in the home can be the stuff that nightmares are made of. While a few ants here and there can be lived with but a full-blown attack has to be controlled, terminated and further prevented.

Upon research on the web and elsewhere, one is able to find a lot of tips and methods detailed that can help in getting rid of the problem. While some of these are DIY and natural, others involve using products such as Optiguard anti gel bait and Intice ant bait. Every product comes with it’s own features and effective range and the real choice will depend upon the nature and the magnitude of the problem.

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While preventive steps can include things like managing the trash well, closing food containers well, cleaning up all the left over food from bench-tops and table ops and marinating a good hygiene level, once the onslaught has taken place, further corrective and more specialized steps have to be taken.

Products that can help with this control and elimination include ones like optiguard ant gel bait and intice ant bait. Optiguard with its powerful ingredients is able to kill almost all kinds of ants and is great for both indoor and outdoor use.  Similarly Intice ant bait is made with very dynamic technology to attack even ants who are resistant to baits. This product is also pet safe.

Buying these products is easy as they are available on a number of online stores also selling other pesticides such as ultracide flea spray etc.

Want to take care of an ant invasion? Take relevant steps today and be attack free forever!

Date: Wednesday, 10. December 2014 7:14
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