Boxelder Bugs

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Box Elder Bugs

Box elder bugs (Boisea Trivittatus) are well known pests, especially during the fall and spring time. Also known as Box elder beetles, Box elder bugs are generally about a ½ inch long with black and orange/red markings. Box elder bugs do have wings which overlap each other forming an “X” from a bird’s eye view. Box elder bugs are considered as pests due to the mess they make when congregating indoors. They usually seek shelter indoors for warmth. Protected places such as houses and other buildings are ideal.

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Facts About Box Elder Bugs

The good news is that box elder bugs do not bite humans. Their diet consists of consuming leaves, stems and even flowers. But their favorite meal is seed pods that come directly from female box elder trees. The only time when box elder bugs invade is during the winter months to find a safe-haven to keep warm. Again, they do not cause any harm to people but they do leave behind stains with their fecal matter. During peak season, they consume for about 2 weeks. By the summer time, box elder bugs are ready to mate and lay their eggs. When autumn arrives, the larvae are now fully matured into adults. During the winter they will hibernate and continue the life cycle from there.

Box elder bugs do very little damage to the trees they encounter, but at certain times (when there is an abundance of them) they can become trouble.

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