Every summer we have problems with yellow jackets..

Yellow Jackets

Question: Every summer we have problems with yellow jackets entering our soffits, they then bore holes into the living area we have had to repair dry wall too many times we have had an exterminator come but of course as soon as it rains the stuff used is washed away. Spoke with an exterminator who told us to use a fogger in our attic craw space. Problem is not sure what to get or where to get it. Since it is still very cold where we live I could get up into the attic and maybe spray without the danger of getting stung. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks

Answer: For yellow jackets, you must find the nest or where they are coming from and get rid of the source. If you can not find the queen, they will continue to reproduce and the infestation will not go away. That is why we do not recommend a fogger. Foggers only kill on contact the ones that show up in the range of the insecticide however, it does not prove to be very effective in the long run. However, if you know where the holes are and where they are entering from, we recommend wall void spot treatment with a dust product. Delta Dust is going to be effective not just for yellow jackets, but also for other bees and insects that will crawl through the wall voids. You can puff the dust into the holes or wall void with a duster like the Bellow Bulb duster. We also have dusters with a longer extension on our site. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.

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Date: Friday, 15. April 2011 17:54
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    I have a nest of Yellow Jackets in my finish basement, I have a drop ceiling the nest is in the floor joint next to the block wall, they are coming in through a hole in the wall. I will take care of the hole. what can I use to kill the bee, can I use a fogger. can you tell me how to kill them

    Thank You

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    Hello Jack Diefendorf,
    We do not recommend using foggers because they only provide a short residual. We recommend the Delta Dust product with the bulb duster. You should always wear protective gear when dealing with stinging insects. We recommend purchasing a bee suit from our online store as they are currently on sale. It may require a few treatments that are 3 weeks apart until you are able to eradicate the infestation.

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    Alright Jack, they have picked a fight with “the wrong man”! Or hopefully I can say, with “the wrong men”. I was mowing my lawn next to my house with shorts on. Wham I got stung in both ankles and knee. I didn’t see the hole in the ground until I was past it. I have no idea on how to kill bees that are in the ground. I owe them and want to make them pay dearly. Any idea on how to kill them in the ground. I want them to stop there laughing at me

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    Delta dust has been used many times for yellow jacket treatment, but these days we have been receiving better feedback from tempo 1% dust for yellow jacket control. They are least active before sunrise or after sun set, therefore it is best to apply the dust lightly over the desired area of treatment during those hours.

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