Pestmall.Com – The Answer To Your Roach And Ant Problems In Advion Ant Gel And Advion Roach Gel

Advion ant gel by Dupoint is a professional bait gel which attracts almost every pest species of ants including sweet feeders. Besides the use in residential and institutional areas this is also made for both commercial and industrial areas where ants might be a bigger menace to the manufacturing units or storage facilities. The advion ant gel is a wonder pest treatment devised to target everything from carpenter ants, to argentine, cornfield, field, red imported fire ants, little black, odorous house ants, etc. This high consumption bait compound is not only potent but is non-repellent which means those tiny intruders would not be able to resist it.

Dupoints’s advion roach gel is a master pest controller which works its miracles even when applied frugally. Containing indoxacarb and a unique mode of application it will bring back your peace of mind. This brings to you right from the comfort of online shopping, professional cockroach control at your doorstep. And all this comes at a very affordable cost. Almost all types of cockroach populations from the American, Oriental to the German and the Brownbanded cannot resist licking it and this spell their own doom.

cockroach Gel BaitDupoint’s science works wonders. The advion ant gel and the advion roach gel are two brilliant examples of the same. There would be a noticeable drop within a week of its application. The advion ant gel and advion roach gel are both products used by professional pest controllers or exterminators. Then why pay them a premium when it comes packed especially for you in easy to apply tubes. Bid your roach and ant problems goodbye with the advion ant gel and roach gel.

Date: Tuesday, 28. January 2014 23:34
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