General Rodent Control Information

Rodents are mammals characterized by a single pair of continuously growing
Incisors in both the upper and lower jaw. Common examples of rodents include house mouse, rats, squirrels, mice and chipmunks. One main characteristic of all these rodents is that they are very destructive. Man on the other hand is very protective of its property and hates destruction. This leads to conflict of interest between the rodents and man. To restore balance, man has come up with ways to ensure that rodents do not destroy his property and this perfectly answers the question what is rodent control. However, the mice are cunning and use all means to ensure their continual destruction. To curb the cunning ways of the rodents man has come up with the following ways:-

1. Use of rodenticides

Rodenticides are chemicals intended to kill rodents. These rodenticides are available in the market and may include the following products:-

-Contract All-Weather cake

-Liqua-Tox II Liquid Mouse/Rat Bait

These are just but few but you can purchase these products from websites or directly from the distributors. Though advantageous, these rodenticides has disadvantages too. Since some are used inside the house children and pets in the house without knowing may consume such products. This is very common since some of these products are laced with actual foods in the house such as grains and therefore children and pets can easily consume the rodenticides. It is therefore advisable to store the products away from both the children and the pets.

2. Eradication

Rats and moles each year cause tremendous destruction of crops both in the farms and in stores. To reduce this destruction and reduce rodent’s population the use commercial traps has really played a big role. Examples of these commercial traps may include:-

-Trapper T. Rex Snap Traps for mice.
-Snap-E Rat Trap. This is used to trap rats
-Live Animal Trap. This is used to trap squirrels, chipmunks and rats


It is common knowledge that prevention is better that cure and therefore it is better to prevent the rodents before they can start destruction. Ways in which we can prevent rodents may include:-

-Seal up holes inside and outside the home to prevent the entry of rodents. To do these you can products such as rodent proofing cooper mesh

-Clean up rodent food sources and nesting sites

You can prevent rodents by easily cleaning up your home workplace or campsite. This can be done through the following ways:

I) Keep food in thick or metallic containers with tight lids
II) Clean up spilled food right away and wash dishes and cooking 
utensils soon after use.
III) Keep outside cooking areas and grills clean
IV) Always put pet food away after use
V) Use a thick plastic or metal garbage can with a tight lid
In order for the following way you need to know the areas that are prone to rodent attacks.
I) Farms that contain any kind of food especially grain foods
II) House basements-This is because house basements are rarely used and therefore act hiding places for rodents such as house mice.
III) Gardens-Gardens usually contain soil and it acts as hiding places for moles.
IV) Kitchens-The rodents like places with food and the kitchen qualifies as one of those places.

In order to do anything you are usually motivated by something. Well, Rodent control has many motivations:-
-Rodent control helps reduce rodent population that causes massive destruction of foods annually.
-Reduction of rodents means reduction of diseases since rodents causes a lot of diseases today.
-Rodent control leads to reduction of cost incurred in maintenance of the house, farms and gardens.
-Rodent control reduces your worries about the safety of the food you eat.
Ever thought of a world without pests? Frankly for me I think it would be awesome. We therefore need to embrace rodent control.

Date: Thursday, 30. August 2012 17:44
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