House is invested with cockroaches and mice.

Questions  : We have a family friend who we are trying to help out and we have just been informed that she is a hoarder. With that being said, the social worker tells us that the entire house is invested with cockroaches and mice.

My question is: What can we keep and what needs to be thrown out. Can we keep non-fabric type furniture and other items and not worry about re-infestation? Should we throw out all fabric type material?

Answer : The first step you should take is to get rid of all clutters and possible sources of food for both the roaches and rodents. All pests like to reside in areas with food and shelter. As long as these two factors are accessible for them, it would be an invitation to stay.
So first, you must take those initial steps of limiting all clusters and closing up all holes inside the wall areas where the rodents may be traveling through. For limiting food sources it is recommended that you keep all food contained in areas inaccessible to the insects or rodents.

Fastrac rodenticide is one of the best and fastest one time kill rodent poison that we carry. Next best to Fastrac would be Final, then Contrac blox.

For cockroach control, Dupont Advion Cockroach gel bait would be the most efficient for your treatment. Dupont has newly formulated their product so that the roaches cannot become immune to it. With these steps you should be closer to the result that you were seeking after. Good Luck!


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Date: Wednesday, 13. April 2011 14:50
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