Norway Rats

Norway Rats Pest Control

(Distinction between the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat):

It is very easy to get mixed up between the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat for they are similar in looks and sizes except for small distinct differences that differentiate them.

Norway Rats (Rattus norvegicus, brown rats, sewer rats):


    • Dropping size ¾’’in long
    • Large, strong, and robust
    • Brownish coat with scattered black color on the upper surface of the coat
    • Color of belly is mostly grayish
    • Weight about 12oz
    • Tail is shorter than body, scaly, and top of tail is darker than the bottom
    • Blunt muzzle

  • Short ears that cannot reach its eyes
  • Female has 12 teats
  • Hind foot size 1.7’’in long


  • Wide spread in Texas
  • Run ways and nests found
    • next to buildings
    • along fences or rail road tracks
    • Like to live in lower elevations
      • basements
      • ground floor
      • burrows under sidewalks or along building foundations
      • moist areas around gardens and fields
      • Commonly found in
        • feed stores
        • chicken houses
        • garbage dumps


  • grain (favorite)
  • cereal
  • meats/ fish
  • nuts
  • some fruits

Roof Rats (Rattus rattus, black rats, ship rats):


  • Dropping size ½’’in long
  • Sleek, quick, and well-coordinated in movement
  • Black coat
  • Color of belly is grey to white
  • Weight about 7.5oz
  • Tail is long and extends at least to its snout, scaly, and black colored
  • Pointed muzzle
  • Long ears, long enough to reach eyes
  • Female has 10 teats
  • Hind foot size 1.3’’in long


  • In warmer climate areas
  • Nests found above ground
    • in shrubs
    • in trees
    • in dense vegetation such as in ivy
    • Like to live in higher elevations
      • attics
      • walls
      • false ceilings
      • Cabinets


  • Fruits (favorite: avocado and citrus)
  • Nuts
  • Berries
  • Slugs
  • snails

Date: Monday, 17. January 2011 17:51
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