Rodent Control: Eradication & Prevention

Very few of us would want to admit a mice infestation, but it can happen to even the best-kept houses. A mouse or rodent infestation may occur due to change in weather, search for food or to hide from predators. Mice infestation may be quite dangerous since the rodents may bring the possibility of a disease, including Hantavirus. This disease may infect human beings when they come in contact with the droppings of mice or urine. Rats have been a cause of house fires by gnawing through house wires. It is possible to save yourself from this risk by using rat and mice poisons. Before you take the action of using the poisons, you need to ensure that you really have an infestation. Some of the telltale signs of infestations include:
Sightings: this is the surest sign of an infestation; sightings of live animals during the day may be an indication of a big infestation.

However, sightings may not be an indication of the size.

Gnawed materials: the presence of gnawed materials or teeth marks may be an indication of infestation. Rats often produce serrated edges that are distinct.
Droppings: this is the most reliable sign of an infestation. Rats’ droppings tend to be larger than those of mice are.

Smell: rats and mice may produce characteristic odors that are stale. This can be easily recognized when there are longstanding infestations or when they occupy indoor areas. The odor may, however, stay for a while after elimination of the mice.

If you notice the above signs together or an individual characteristic sign, then you may need to get the help of rodent control substances such as rat and mice poison. Rat poison refers to substances that are used to kill mice and rats. They are categorized under the pest control chemicals and may be gotten from grocery stores, hardware stores as well as free from only recognized agencies. Rat and mice poisons are not only poisonous to the rodents but may also affect humans and animals. You may need training or experience in order to apply them safely.

There are three general groups of rat and mice poison, these include bromethalin, which are a neurotoxin, anticoagulants, as well as, cholecalciferol rodenticides. Anticoagulants are the most common of the rat poisons, which works by depleting vitamin K, which is required for blood clotting.

Bromethalin is designed to be fatal to rodents after only a single dose, the drug is a neurotoxin that will directly affect the brain as well as the cerebrospinal fluid. When ingested accidentally, the bromethalin includes muscle tremors, running fits and seizures. The last category of rodenticide is the rat and mice poison that contains cholecalciferol or vitamin D. the poison is highly effective in rodents but quite dangerous when ingested by human beings. After human ingestion, the vitamin D may raise calcium levels to a dangerous high. Clinical signs may arise after 36 hours and may include anorexia, depression and increased water intake, and this may result in cardiac arrest.

However, at times, prevention is better than cure. If after using the rat and mice poison the house is rid of the rodents, it will be prudent if you take actions to prevent reentry of the rodents back to the house. The area around your house may offer an all you can eat buffet to hungry rodents. Exposed garbage bins, compost bins and pet feeders may offer a good choice of food for rodents. As you try to prevent the return of the rodents after applying mice and rat poison, you may need to clean the area around your house. By doing so, you will be denying the vermin a source of foods. You should also do a thorough investigation of any rodent entry points within the house and seal each one of them. You may be able to close off such nooks by stuffing the areas with locally available material. You might also want to consider doing minor structural modifications to cover the gaps.

If any of the above clinical signs do occur, the affected person is advised to seek immediate medical attention. As much as the rat and mice poison is effective, it should be kept away from children. Rat and mice poison will help get the house back to a clean state.

Date: Friday, 31. August 2012 8:43
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