Black Widow Spiders


Black Widow Spiders

Black widows are well known for their dangerous and potentially fatal bite. When dealing with human health, black widow spiders are the most dangerous in the United States. Also, another interesting tidbit is that many people believe there is only one type of Black Widow Spider, but that is completely untrue. There are actually five different species of these spiders here in the United States.

Did you know only female black widows can bite? Although both females and males both create big webs to capture prey, the females are generally more dangerous to the human race. Males often creep into webs to mate with the females, but if they are rejected, they face the possibility of being eaten. Though they may seem pretty ferocious by eating a potential husband, they are even more aggressive when it comes to their eggs. While creating a web of protection, the female black widow will be the most defensive and combative. Also, the female will be hungrier than usual after producing her eggs.

Black widows are considered to be reclusive spiders – meaning they like to create their webs in seclusion and areas that are generally inactive. Once their eggs hatch, the spiderlings then go into “ballooning” which is when thin silk strands are created and are eventually carried by the wind to disperse the young black widows.

Black widows are nocturnal pests. They do not like to be around humans, particularly, but they can be found in garages and outhouses. Usually a black widow will not bite unless they feel that they are threatened or their eggs are in danger. The black widow produces venom made out of protein that directly affects the victim’s nervous system. Symptoms of a bite will usually begin 20 minutes to 1 hour after being bitten. Symptoms include: abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fainting, chest pains, and respiratory difficulties.

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Female black widows are probably the most recognized for their physical makeup. They have shiny black bodies with long legs. On their large oval abdomen, a red pattern in the shape of an hourglass can be found. Males, on the other hand, have the same pattern but in a different color – their body is brown and white.

Black widow bites can be fatal, so if you or someone you know has been bitten, seek professional medical attention immediately!

Q: what is best to kill spiders?

A: If you look on our spider control products page (, you will find many products that should effectively kill the spiders for you. What kind of pesticide you purchase will depend on your preference and how large your spider problem is. For just general treatment, we would recommend Talstar Pro, Suspend SC, or Masterline Bifenthrin.


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