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Many people wonder what they should do to prevent termite infestation. Here are a few tips that will help:

  • Never store wood on the ground near or around your home especially under the porch. Shrubs and bushes found around your home should be trimmed regularly.
  • Do not keep mulch near your home. If you do have mulch, store it away from your house.
  • Leaving firewood outside your house is also risky. If you do store firewood near your home, make sure that it is not on the ground – keep it raised off the ground.
  • You definitely don’t want any water deposits near your home so fix leaky pipes immediately.
  • Contrary to popular believe, termites don’t always infest wood and cannot survive on wood alone. This is why you should keep your gutters free of leaves and debris. Clogging can attract termites very quickly.
  • If there are any cracks in your home, seal them immediately. That way, termites don’t have a leeway into your home.
  • You definitely want to prevent any wood from having contact with the soil.
  • Ventilation is recommended in attic spaces, and mesh screens for doors and windows.
  • Look around your garage and home for mud tunnels that may exist.
  • Make appointments for monthly inspections in your home. They will mainly look for existing mud tunnels.
  • Another recommendation is to create a contract with a service company so they can inspect and treat your home when necessary.
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Without annual inspections, termite infestation can go unnoticed for quite some time. Termites do cause damage, so it is important to regulate and maintain inspections and treatment.

The application of a liquid pesticide, termiticide, to the soil may help prevent termite infestation. The primary intention of this is to create a chemical barrier to block potential routes that termites may use to enter your home. When termites come in contact with this pesticide, they are either killed or repelled. A complete barrier that is not broken is important when seeking effective control.

When dealing with termites and termite infestation, you should take these preventative measures just to ensure that you have done the best you can to keep these pests away. In the end, it will definitely be worthwhile.

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Date: Monday, 11. January 2010 14:32
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