What About Bed Bugs in Hotels?

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Bed Bugs in Hotels

There have been many shocking discoveries within the recent years that target bed bugs in hotels. Many of the guests to hotels ranging from upscale to low-priced hotels have filed lawsuits for waking up with several bed bug bites on their bodies. The Bed Bug Registry online helps guests of hotels or new apartment renters to find out whether there is an infestation of bed bugs or not.

Bed bugs can travel with you—on your suitcase, clothing, boxes, just about anything. This makes hotels and apartments, where tenants are always in and out, an easy target for bed bug infestations.

From the Hotel Room to Your Home

It is a very common case to bring bed bugs home from a hotel. One of the most common ways to get a bed bug infestation is by travelling. Bed bugs have been notoriously noticed in several hotels. The guests of the hotels that have unfortunately been targeted also have a high risk that they unwillingly and in most cases, unknowingly brought the bed bugs home. The bed bugs or their eggs could be on their luggage, clothes, or other personal items. All luggages should be sprayed down with an appropriate disinfectant or pesticide before leaving any hotel room. Clothing should also be carefully washed in hot water to reduce the possibility of bringing bed bugs from the hotel room to your own home.

Treatment for Bed Bug issues in Hotels

Hotel and motel managements try to come up with a solution to getting rid of bed bugs. After trying many different methods, the traditional method of using pesticides with long residuals proved worthy. Using a heating treatment does not get rid of all the bed bugs unless hotel or motel management is willing to “bake” their entire building to over 100 degrees.

Bed bugs like to take harborage in cracks and crevices near the bed, which can be taken care of with pesticides that have long residual times. Also, it is imperative that an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) is used alongside any pesticide as it is a “birth control” for bed bugs and will prevent them from being able to further reproduce. Some researchers may claim that this method is not safe due to chemical hazards and health risks; however, most of the pesticides used for bed bug treatment in commercial areas are safe to come into contact with after it has dried completely.

The unfortunate side for hotels is that they must do these treatments continuously until, maybe, bed bugs become extinct. There is a very high possibility that bed bugs could be reintroduced to a hotel as there are guests frequently traveling and coming in and out. These guests could be carrying bed bugs with them.

For large commerical facilities such as hotels we recommend that you purchase the Bed Bug Commerical Kit. This way you have all the products you need to treat the bed bugs in every way possible to shorten your time. It is also a good idea to treat the rooms around the infested room to prevent any causes of spreading the infestation.


Bed Bug Kit Commercial

Bed Bug Kit for Commerical

Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent

Eco-Keeper Bed Bug Tent




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Date: Monday, 17. January 2011 18:11
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