What are Bed Bugs?

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Bed Bugs in the United States.

Bed bugs do not originate from America, but the majority of the bed bugs flooded over to the United States in the course of WWII. The bed bugs astonishingly became nearly extinct with the introduction and wide spread use of the chemical DDT in the 1940s and late 50s. About 50 years after the prohibition of the use of DDT, bed bugs confront the United States once more and pose as more than just a threat.

What are bed bug populations in the United States like?

Within the past few years there has been an increase of 500 percent in bed bug populations in the United States. CNN states that New York City’s 311 hotline had an increase from 21,922 calls in 2008 to 33,772 calls in 2009 about bed bug complaints. New York and Ohio were always fighting for number one rank of the highest bed bug population until Philadelphia showed up in the picture as number one in July of 2010.

What are bed bug’s orgin?

It is believed that bed bugs have originated from caves in the Middle East, evolving with bats. They are unwanted foreigners to the United States. Bed bugs are from an insect family known as Cimicidae known to have three different species that all bite humans.

What are bed bugs attracted to and why?

Bed bugs are first and foremost attracted to human blood. Human blood is their only source of food. They are attracted to the nutrients in the blood and will get rid of anything else as waste, which leaves a sticky, black residue. Bed bugs are generally attracted to any presence of carbon dioxide which we expel into the air. Bed bugs are more attracted to residential areas or commercial areas such as hotels.

Bed bugs can survive for up to 18 months without a feeding, however, they will stay where it is warm and where there is carbon dioxide and prefer to feed about every ten days or so. After a feeding, bed bugs will go back to their hiding spot. They are generally attracted to cracks and crevices near the host, in this case, the bed. They find the cracks and crevices attractive as it is close to their host, warm, and dark.

What are bed bug habits?

Bed bugs are known for hiding in cracks and crevices. They love feeding on human blood and leave behind a sticky, black residue. Once bed bugs enter your home, they will never leaving the premises unless something is done to get rid of them. Bed bugs are most active about an hour before dawn. Bed bugs will come about every week or every two weeks for a feeding and can reproduce up to five eggs a day although they can survive over a year without a feeding. Bed bugs need a host to feed on, but do not necessarily need to live on the host. They have many hiding spots which give them many advantages. Given the correct conditions, bed bug infestations could highly get out of control.
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