Popular DIY Pest Control Products that America is Using

Calling a professional pest control service for dealing with those insects, scorpions, bed bugs and ants can burn a hole in your pocket. But with DIY pest control products, you can deal with hundreds of pest infestations without a fuss. Just remember that you read their usage label to ensure hassle free and safe usage. Check out this list of popular DIY products that America is using for dealing with infestations-

Drione Insecticide

Drione Dust is one of the most popular insecticides in the country. The broad spectrum dust can be used for contact kill and residual control of over 20 kinds of pests, including ants, bees, bed bugs, centipedes, silverfish, sow-bugs, wasps, spiders and ticks. Manufactured by Bayer, the product is great for cracks, crevices, gaps and voids treatment.

drione insecticide

CY Kick Aerosol

CY Kick is used for scorpions, spiders, ants, bees, centipedes and a range of other pest infestations. Killing instantly, this aerosol product offers residual action as well and can be used for cracks and crevices or spot treatment. With cyfluthrin as the main ingredient, the product offers broad spectrum activity and is great for wood injection as well.

cy kick scorpions

Demon Max

Demon Insect Killer or Demon Max Insecticide provides dual treatment for over 20 pests. The product is known for delivery 90 to 100 percent control and comes with cypermethrin. It targets pests like ants, bugs, insects, beetles, termites, wasp and ticks.

demon insect killer

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Date: Wednesday, 26. November 2014 4:17
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