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Friday, 11. February 2011 11:42


There are over 10,000 species of ants worldwide and exists on every continent except for Antarctica. They fall into the same biological order as wasps and bees, which is the order Hymenoptera. Each colony of any given ant species can have up to 20 million individual ants where queens reproduce and workers forage for food.

Ants are best known for their slender builds that are separated into three node structures, their fast legs and also their elbowed antennae. Most species of ants will range in color from brown to black with the exceptional bright clay red color for fire ants. Some species are larger than others but the size of ants will range from .75mm to 52mm which is about .03 in to 2 in. Keep Reading about General Ant Information

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How to Get Rid of Pharaoh Ants

Saturday, 2. January 2010 14:56

Pharaoh Ant, How to Get Rid ofPharaoh ants are around 1/16″ long and are usually pale yellow to red and the abdomen are most of the time darker to black. The thorax is uneven and they have stingers. They are very common in homes and hospitals and because they are so small, it enables them to get into any area. They have a very large colonies with many queens and will mate throughout the year which enables them to form multiple colonies fast. Pharaoh ants consume sweets, grease, ead insects, meats, and open wounds. Hospitals should be extra careful because they will enter the wounds of patients, in-use IV bottles, and seek moisture from the mouths of sleeping infants. Keep Reading

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