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Heat vs. Bed Bugs

Friday, 24. February 2012 10:16

Our topic for today is the role of heat in the complicated and challenging process of treating a house full of equipments which are infested with bed bugs.

Studies show that the heat is one of the top enemies of bed bugs. These house pests cannot withstand an extremely hot temperature. Based on research, if you subject an area (with a possible bed bug infestation), to a temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit for at least an hour, then you can be assured that all bed bugs in all their stages will be killed. KEEP READING

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One Night With Bed Bugs

Thursday, 1. December 2011 10:18

I am very particular with the places I stay in during vacations. Do you know why? Because there are some hotels which have bed bugs in them. Do not get me wrong, I am not blaming them, entirely. The possibility is very high that the staff and management are not really aware of the whole bed bug infestation that is going on in their hotels. But with the latest scare that was in the news recently, with the latest lawsuit filed against this particular hotel because of bed bugs, many hotels are now looking into various ways to take care of the problem. Some of them even went to the extent of acquiring bed bug sniffing dogs. They also perform routine checkups in the areas so that they can immediately address the problem.

As for me, I am very grateful of the measures that the hotel management and staff are taking on. As you may already know, bed bugs in even luxury hotels have become an issue. It does not mean that I am being careless, though. With that being said, I even go so far as to often advise my friends to inspect for bed bugs when they visit a hotel. Even when I check into a particular hotel, I always check the mattresses and box springs of the bed. These are the most likely places where bed bugs stay. There are also other prospective places like seams of couches, chairs, or holes in nightstands, headboards, or bed framing. KEEP READING

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All Options for Treating Bed Bugs

Wednesday, 2. November 2011 9:53

Let me start by saying that there are many kinds of bugs. It seems like in recent times, the most common, though is the Bed Bug. Aside from its name, the common bed bug is considered is the most common because they are present in our homes and certain other establishments which have crevices, corners and voids. They are what we call as domesticated bugs. Despite their being common, they are certainly the hardest to eradicate. This has something to do with their ability to hide and camouflage with their surroundings.

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