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No Pest As Guests for Christmas

Tuesday, 18. December 2012 14:11


This the season to be jolly! It’s a time of bright lights, eggnog, Santa and his elves, and sharing of gifts and love. The last thing that is on your mind this season is probably pest control. However, be careful! There are pests that stay active even during the winter season. In fact, some of the pests that invade the house during this season may seem like that they are more active than normal because they start to invade the home to find a warm shelter and a food source to sustain them during the cold. Here are the Top 5 Winter Invasion Pests that could distract you from the joys of this season: […]

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Be Cautious: Bed Bugs and Insecticides in Sensitive Locations

Tuesday, 6. March 2012 15:10

Let’s face it. Sometimes, there will be accounts or jobs that our judgments as professionals will be tested. One such example is treating a home with bed bugs and house pest infestation with tenants who are asthmatic. Asthma is a sensitive illness. It can be easily triggered by any abnormality and particles in the air. The common thought would be to not use insecticides because those with asthma will surely be affected. Surely, you wouldn’t want to treat a bed bug infestation and an asthma attack at the same time, do you? KEEP READING

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Are Bed Bugs Vectors of Disease?

Monday, 27. February 2012 14:41

This is also one question that I need to clear out. Can bed bugs be considered vectors of certain diseases? I mean why not? Mosquitoes, fleas and roaches are capable of doing that, so what is the difference with bed bugs? This is something that many people ask us and are curious about.

Based on what I found out, I guessed that yes, it is a logical thing that all blood sucking insects could be carriers of diseases. We call them vectors and the viruses/ bacteria that they carry or pass along from one host to another are called pathogens. Well, most insects are considered as carriers of certain disease like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, plague, West Nile virus, encephalitis, hepatitis and even HIV and so many more. KEEP READING

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Resistant Bed Bugs?!

Monday, 19. December 2011 12:06

Many people are growing more alarmed these days. Why? Because they have discovered that the common bed bugs have developed some kind of resistance over some of what used to be the most effective insecticides. For people whose only wish is to get rid of these unwanted house guests, this news or developmentĀ  is really not good. They are now starting to question the ability of the insecticides to kill bed bugs. Their question now is along the lines of whether there are still proven methods of killing these bed bugs when even top products like Steri-Fab and Bedlam no longer “seem” effective enough. KEEP READING

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Mixing Chemicals For Bed Bug Control

Friday, 9. December 2011 11:16

Question: In our quest for the most effective means of killing bed bugs, we have decided to do a mixture of insecticides like FenvaStar EcoCap, ExciteR and IGR. May we have your opinion on this? Are we doing the right thing? Or are we just wasting our energy in this endeavor?


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