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Bed Bug Control Spray

Tuesday, 4. January 2011 18:58

Bed Bug Control, spray killer

Basic information on sprays:

Most sprays are contact kill insecticides that kill bugs shortly after coming in direct contact with the pesticide or its residue. Generally these pesticides with consist of one or more kinds of Pyrethoids. Pyrethoids are synthetic analogs of chrysanthemum flower extracts. Although pyrethoids are well known to rapidly knock down the bugs that come in contact with it, it can be both irritating and repellent to many insects. Another commonly used active ingredient would be chlorfenapyr. Chlorfenapyr is a non repellent insecticide, which like the pyrethoids remain effective for long periods of time.

Before choosing a spray for bed bugsā€¦.

  • Decide the location for the pesticide application.
  • Find out which sprays can or cannot be sprayed on mattresses and couches (sensitive areas where many people may frequently come in contact with often.)
  • Longer residual pesticides are not recommended for use on areas such as the mattresses, upholstery, and areas where people may come in direct contact with often
  • Once applied, aerosol cans generally last up to one month

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