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Bed Bugs in Multiple Occupancy Units

Thursday, 8. December 2011 9:47

bedbug 011One of the challenges one can ultimately face in this business of dealing with the bed bugs is the fact that there are homes, places or apartments which do not only cater one family. Instead, they house several families. This is what we call as “multiple occupancy”.

Well, with one family, taking precautions and doing some things to eliminate bed bugs is not very difficult since the thing that you do first is to talk to the head of the family then plan out the best approach to the problem. After the talk, you can then obtain a go signal from the head of the family and proceed with the plan. Now, with more people in an area, there is the possibility that some occupants might not agree to the proposal. And the possibility of the more than usual clutter is also there. What do you do it this is the case then? KEEP READING

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Issues with Bed Bugs and Large Buildings

Wednesday, 30. November 2011 14:42

There is this issue that many bed bug exterminators will likely face. I like to call it the “building manager issue”. Consider this situation. What if you have a client who calls you up for help on bed bugs on her apartment unit? Of course the most sensible thing to do is to set them on a treatment plan immediately. However, the client is complaining that the result is relief for five days and then the problem is back. You are back to square one. You are confused as to how this could happen since the residual of many liquid concentrates used to treat for bed bugs is at least 30 days. Moreover, your client lives in an apartment complex and the management will not allow you to treat adjacent apartments, nor will they make an effort to inform the neighbors.

Well, our answer to that is according to recent studies, bed bugs might have somehow developed some kind of resistance to some pesticides, especially pesticides with pyrethroids. When this happens, these bed bugs will likely avoid the areas treated with Dragnet and move on to the previous places they were in using a different route. This could be the reason why they have returned in 5 days time. Another reason for this is that residuals like pyrethroids are easily affected by environmental conditions. Like those pesticides used outdoors do not last very long compared to those used indoors. Or those used in the dark places stay longer than those exposed to light. In any case, solely depending on chemical control can be limited, depending on the size of the infestation and many other circumstances surrounding the infestation. KEEP READING

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Are There Repellents for Bed Bugs?

Tuesday, 29. November 2011 10:06

The bed bug alert level is rising these days. In the past years, only homes were infested and considered places where bed bugs love to live. These days, however, apartments, motels and hotels, theaters, stores, schools, dorms, hospitals and even buses and trains are susceptible to bed bug infestations. How did this happen?

Well, one thing is that bed bugs will be carried anywhere through clothes, fabrics, luggage and baggage. People are asking us for any product that can prevent bed bug infestations. But as of the moment, experts on bed bugs are coming up with definitive answers. But even expert researchers are unable to come up with a preventative measure for bed bugs. KEEP READING

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Any ways to Avoid Bed Bugs?

Monday, 28. November 2011 10:07

How do we really avoid bed bugs? The answer is we don’t. Once our place is infested, then we need to scramble to use methods which will help eliminate bed bugs. Despite the continued claim that neither insecticides nor non – chemical methods could eliminate bed bugs, we at Pest Mall, have strong faith in the best two ways to eliminate bed bugs. The first way is to completely enclose a particular area or structure and introducing something that will kill the bed bugs. We believe that chemical control is the way to confine them and kill them on contact. Even in an apartment complex, by applying an insecticide like a dust product in the wall void, you can reduce the chances of becoming infested with bedbugs that have come from a neighboring apartment. Another sure – fire way to eliminate bed bugs is through whole – structure heating. If this is done properly, the deadly temperature will kill the bugs, too. Although, some concerned citizens might argue that if the bugs begin to feel the uncomfortable rise of the temperature, they might move to another location where they can deal with the temperature and thus survive. This is where we also endeavor to include the adjacent area or room, the ones beside it, below it and above it. Bed bugs are actually smart creatures. They do not dwell in one place. That is why, with whatever methods we use, whether it be tenting, fumigating, heating, freezing, or using pesticides, it is very important that we consider the surroundings of the house or area because it is common occurrence that if one area is infested with bed bugs, the surroundings are more likely infested, too. KEEP READING

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Save Your Sanity: Bed Bug Tents

Friday, 11. November 2011 9:49

1323_1474_eco_keeper_bedbug_tent_overviewIt seems that in recent times, the entity that runs many cities in the United States and even globally are the infamous BED BUGS! Bed bugs do not portray favoritism and are not prejudiced in what TYPE of person they host on. They have left parents, business owners, students, homeowners, and etc. sleepless and sometimes even pushed to the extremities of being paranoid and almost…insane! Since bed bugs are nocturnal insects, they will feed exclusively during the night time. Moreover, if they are left alone, they reproduce at unbelievable and horrifyingly fast rates! So even when your home is undergoing bed bug treatment, it’s completely understandable that even sleeping in your own bed at night can be like a nightmare and totally uncomfortable. Keep Reading

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