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Bumble Bee Question and Answer

Thursday, 7. January 2010 9:58

Bumble Bee, Question and Answer


What do you use for bumblebees? -Alan, MD


Bumblebees are rarely a real problem, and serve far more benefit to a landscape or an environment than a hazard. With a little luck and some education of the customer perhaps they can understand that not all stinging insects need to be killed. Of course, there are always situations that call for their elimination, and if they are nesting within a structure then this may be one of those times. If there are excessive numbers of nests on a property and people may be interacting with the bees too frequently, then this could call for elimination of the nests. But, foraging bumblebees really don’t care a hoot about what’s going on around them as long as no one directly antagonizes the bee. I have often moved through vegetation where large numbers of bumblebees were working the flowers (moving carefully and slowly I admit) and have never had a bee act aggressively toward me. Preserving them is a good thing if possible. Keep Reading

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How to Get Rid of Bumble Bee

Thursday, 7. January 2010 9:28

Isolated Bumblebee


Bumble bee control is similar on how you will control all the other bees, wasps, and hornets. Bumble bees are pollinating bees, however they WILL sting, but some bumble bees will also spray feces, and some can throw up honey. Bumble bees may be deadly to people in America. People who are allergic to bumble bees, bees, wasps, hornet, etc., may end up having a serious medical condition or an allergic reaction. Bumble bees are most active when temperatures are below 50F (10C; lowest observed flight at 26F/-3.6C) whereas, most bees stop being active at 61F (16C). Bumble bees are social insects which mean that they live in nests or colonies. An adult bumble bee worker is about 1/4″ – 1″ long and the Queen Bumble bee are about 3/4″ – 1″ long. They are black with yellow markings and they will look fuzzy overall. The Queen Bumble bee will lay her eggs and she will die and the workers and other queen bees will take care of the young. Keep Reading

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