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How to Get Rid of Centipedes

Tuesday, 12. January 2010 18:18

Centipede-PestControl-1Centipedes primarily enter the home unaware of the environment and are considered occasional invaders. Typically, centipedes will be found in areas of high moisture. These areas are places like loose bark in trees, rotting wooded (logs, fallen trees), under rocks, stones, or boulders, in piles leaves. Also, because they are predators and carnivorous, they will follow their prey and will reside in areas that their prey is located (which will also cause them to enter the home). When they enter the home, they will survive off of flies, spiders, etc. Even though they can be found almost anywhere in the house, because they are nocturnal or active during the night and attracted to dark, moist areas, you will typically see centipedes in damp basements, bathrooms, or even in your potted plants with high moisture.

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Tuesday, 12. January 2010 18:14

Centipede PestControl

Centipedes are “creepy-crawlies” that often times scare people because of what seems like their hundred legs. They’re considered a nuisance pest by most people and are widely distributed all over the world including the United States. They don’t particularly bite to hunt people, however, they can inflict a painful bite that’s not normally lethal, however, it does have a stinging effect.

Centipedes are long and have many segments to the body. Keep Reading

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