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Crazy Ants in the Kitchen

Saturday, 2. January 2010 15:26

Ants in Kitchen; Food FightQuestion:

What is the best way to control crazy ants in a kitchen area? They are first seen by the window above the sink and then all over counters and cabinets. – Kevin, VT


Crazy Ants are given this wild name because of their rapid, zig-zag fashion of running around. They are very long legged, giving them an even greater ability to run quickly. They apparently cannot tolerate cold temperatures very well, and so are more common in the southern states, but when occurring in northern states like Vermont are prone to entering structures for the winter. They will then nest in voids or even the soil of potted plants, and forage throughout the building. They will feed on sugars or protein, but appear to be particularly partial to the proteins – greases and animal matter – so the kitchen is a great place to find them, as well as around pet foods. Keep Reading

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