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Fire Ant Control Question and Answers

Saturday, 2. January 2010 16:20

Fire Ant Pest Control, Question and AnswerQuestion:

I generally use granular bait for ant control both indoors and out. But I have a customer with a large (close to an acre) area behind the main back yard. The area was used as a horse pasture / riding area, but no horses now. It’s got significant pressure from ants. Some of the mounds are visible, but many are not due to the short grass. The pasture gets flood irrigated regularly. I was wondering about the effectivness of using something like Talstar PL on this large area. It would be easier to spread than the very light bait granule and would be watered in. I think the bait would work given enough time before watering, but it’s more difficult to apply and considerably more costly. What are your thoughts… Thanks – Mike, AZ
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