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Enjoying a Pest-Free Spring…

Thursday, 13. March 2014 6:19

With spring quickly approaching, you may notice that when the cold weather starts to retreat, it takes with it the comfort of not having to deal with most annoying critters. Dealing with bugs and insects can be frustrating, but it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with them forever.
Whether you’re faced with exterminating ants or dealing with flea control, you can get started with ridding yourself of pests with a few simple tips. […]

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What’s Biting Me?

Monday, 14. October 2013 11:48

We get phone calls all the time where a person will say, “I have bites all over my body! Please tell me what bug it is! I’m in over my head!” Unfortunately, identification of a pest can’t be done solely by looking at bug bites and you will have to look for other signs to identify the pest. The best thing to do Keep Reading

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A Flea Infestation is Not Random

Friday, 2. March 2012 15:15

Homes could always be prone to fleas, especially those with pets at home. But in case your house does not invite any animals indoors, still, you could possibly get infested with fleas and you’ll never know when they go barging into your house and suddenly infest you humble abode.  There have been several instances where customers have complained about a constant coming and going of fleas, even though they don’t even have pets! Once they thought the fleas have all perished after some pesticide treatment, but after just a few months they’re back infesting the house once more.  What could have gone wrong this time and where do these pests sprout from if there are no mammals to bring them inside? KEEP READING

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Pesky Fleas!!

Friday, 3. February 2012 10:12

There is a reason why fleas are real troublesome pests despite their size. Because they cannot be seen easily and are real quick to hop and hide around, they can easily bite, multiply, and infest inside your home. Eventually, you’ll feel truly uncomfortable inside your own space.

A dog owner did once complain about the fleas that kept on attacking and infesting his place. He says he cleaned the house basement to the point that he already kept all of his dogs outside his house and did not allow them to linger inside.  But then, whenever visitors came to visit the basement, fleas would cling on them and the house will once more be full of fleas.  He thinks maybe using a growth regulator would do him good to get rid of those fleas. But then, is it a solution?


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Fleas in the Car Garage

Wednesday, 1. February 2012 15:51

Fleas have always become a problem in homes and apartments, especially when it is a place where animals love to linger. Not only are we talking about having your pet cats and dogs indoors, but it also includes other animals that roam about your neighborhoods such as raccoons,  rats and other rodents.  Basically, furry animals are prone to be infested with fleas and, sooner or later, they may infest your very homes, causing you to have bites all over.

Take this account for example:


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