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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bee

Wednesday, 14. April 2010 12:32

Carpenter Bee, How to get rid of


Carpenter bees are similar when it comes to controlling bees; however, in some ways they are different. Carpenter bees will drill a hole into the wood structure and will habit in the hole, whereas, other bees will build a hive. When carpenter bees drill through the wood, the females are the ones that usually do. The hole will be big as the female and she will build a nest in a 90 degree angle. Most of the carpenter bees do not sting, however there are some situations when they will. Male carpenter bees do not have stinger, but the females do and they have a very low dose of venom; so still be extremely cautious when you are approaching them. Be careful when you are trying to control a carpenter bee, because the male bee will confront you when you enter their territory. The carpenter bee looks similar to the bumble bee except that the carpenter bee abdomen is black and shiny instead of yellow. The male carpenter bee will have a yellow face and the female will have a black face and they are about 1″ long. Keep Reading

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