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What’s Biting Me?

Monday, 14. October 2013 11:48

We get phone calls all the time where a person will say, “I have bites all over my body! Please tell me what bug it is! I’m in over my head!” Unfortunately, identification of a pest can’t be done solely by looking at bug bites and you will have to look for other signs to identify the pest. The best thing to do Keep Reading

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Preparing Your Home for Fall Pests

Wednesday, 18. September 2013 9:37

The time has come and it is now the time to start preparing for the worst of the cold pests that will start to invade homes during the fall season. The weather this year has been particularly “strange” to say the least and so, although pests’ behaviors are a little bit abnormal, one thing that won’t change as the temperature begins to cool is that pests will try to find a way to overwinter in a safe haven, which is most likely, your home.

As the fall season quickly approaches, we want to equip you with the information you need to protect your home from pest invasions. Animals and insects alike will easily find a way into your home if you let them and so be as prepared as you can be. KEEP READING

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Sorry! No Vacancies

Wednesday, 26. June 2013 15:02

Sometimes, we wonder really, where are all these bugs inside our house coming from? The truth is that they do not appear from thin air and don’t magically reproduce from the dust in your walls. These sneaky little critters have made their way inside your house, thinking that your home is the perfect long term hotel that provides them with all the necessary things they need for survival – food, water, and shelter. So what we want to make sure to tell you is that you have to be proactive in keeping the bugs out and our opinion is, and maybe many will agree, we’d rather keep them out in the first place than deal with them firsthand after they’ve already come inside.

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No Pest As Guests for Christmas

Tuesday, 18. December 2012 14:11


This the season to be jolly! It’s a time of bright lights, eggnog, Santa and his elves, and sharing of gifts and love. The last thing that is on your mind this season is probably pest control. However, be careful! There are pests that stay active even during the winter season. In fact, some of the pests that invade the house during this season may seem like that they are more active than normal because they start to invade the home to find a warm shelter and a food source to sustain them during the cold. Here are the Top 5 Winter Invasion Pests that could distract you from the joys of this season: […]

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Bugs Inside the Christmas Tree

Thursday, 15. November 2012 16:48


It’s almost Thanksgiving y’all! That means good food and for many families, following a tradition of setting up the Christmas tree! These days, a lot of families opt for setting up artificial trees. They’re definitely reusable and can be easily stored away. For others though, they prefer to go and pick out a real tree and bring it home every season. They’re lots of fun and it’s a great tradition to have, but as you can imagine, there is this fear of bringing in unwanted and potentially harmful bugs and insects inside of your house. The following is a list of the most commonly found insect pests that can be brought in with a real Christmas tree. (these are not listed in any particular order) KEEP READING

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