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The Termite Zone: Are You Living in It?

Monday, 11. January 2010 15:10

Termite Zone, are you living in it?

The Termite Zone

Fun fact – did you know that termites can cause billion dollars worth of damages which can be more than hurricane and tornado damage? The only difference is that termite damage is silent.

So you may be wondering – how do I stop these silent trouble makers?

The most efficient and effective way to stop termite infestation is to place a liquid barrier around your home. Termidor SC is a popular product that is recommended for homeowners because it can last up to 10 years and it contains ingredients that can wipe out an entire colony- including the queen! Many people believe that the queen is the key controlling reproduction rates because they are the ones who create offspring.


Do you live in a Termite Zone?

Many people do not know whether they have termite problems or not because they are, in fact, very silent. Termites are able to exist in all states. Some states like Alaska may not be able to provide the ideal environments for termites and so it is more than likely that there are less termite infestations in those areas. However, there are possibilities that termites can be transported to places like Alaska, regardless of the cold weather, through infested objects like wood furniture or crates.

Though they are able to exist in most of the states, they are known to exist mostly in the southern United States. Homeowners should always be on the lookout for a possible termite infestation. A few inspections and some time can save you a whole lot of money and ultimately, your home.

Another issue many people come across is the misidentification of termites. In many cases, people confuse termites for ants. Here are some things to look out for when trying to determine whether you are examining ants or termites:

  • Flying ants have bended antennae while termites have straight antennae.
  • Termites have equally sized wings while ants have larger wings in the front and smaller wings on the back.

Subterranean termites are known as the most common types of termites. These termites may look similar to ants but as stated before, there are several ways you can identify termites versus an ant.

Just be cautious – it is better to prevent and stop termites in their tracks than to be careless and pay for it down the road. Like they always say – better safe than sorry!

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