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Carpenter Bee

Monday, 17. January 2011 17:54

carpenter bees photo

Carpenter bees are actually commonly mistaken for bumblebees. They may be easily confused in that they are of similar size and are of similar colors. You may only be able to tell by looking closely at their abdomens. Like bumblebees, adult carpenter bees are about 1 inch in length and are marked in black and yellow and in some rare cases, black and orange. The major difference would be on the abdomen. The abdomens of bumblebees are fuzzy and full of hair. They are yellow with black markings along the abdomen. However, the abdomens of carpenter bees are hairless and a shiny black color. Also, bumblebees are social insects that nest underground however, carpenter bees are not as social. They may swarm in groups around the eaves of wood homes to clean out old tunnels that they have carved out previously or to excavate new ones. Keep Reading

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