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Wasps vs. Children

Wednesday, 6. January 2010 17:00

Wasps vs Children, Question and AnswerQuestion:

What is the best way to treat for Eastern Sand Wasp? They are in the sand of a playground. -Richard, OH


The combination of limited ways to deal with sand and soil burrowing bees and wasps, plus the sensitive nature of a children’s play setting, make these a difficult problem to address. Hopefully, although I’m sure I’m being overly optimistic about it, parents and others who oversee this playground will gain some level of tolerance for these wasps. The several kinds of wasps that burrow into sand to create chambers for their larvae are solitary wasps, and there is very little reason for them to sting anyone unless they (the wasp) feels directly threatened. There is no queen, no “colony”, no social structure, and no instinct to rush out to defend the place they are working. If someone grabbed one of the adult wasps in his hand, or got one trapped in their clothing, then the wasp may sting in an effort to escape, but otherwise it just doesn’t happen. Keep Reading

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