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Boracare with Mold-Care (NOT FOR SALE IN NY, AK)
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Review : Boracare with Mold-Care (NOT FOR SALE IN NY, AK)

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5 of 5 Stars!natural termite repellentSeptember 30, 2010
By Pamela Cook
This product did a great job in protecting my wooden structures. Boracare with Mold Care preserved the beauty of my wooden pieces. I am satisfied with this product.
4 of 5 Stars!March 01, 2012
By Andrea H.
This is a very good product. I gladly recommend Boracare with Mold Care to all my friends especially those who love their wooden pieces so much. This is the perfect product for them. For the protection of their wooden pieces.
5 of 5 Stars!March 27, 2010
By Wallace Floyd
My house is made of wood and I want to protect it from wood boring insects, mold, etc. And so tried using Boracare with Mold Care. And as its label says, its effectivity lasts up to 12 years, and I believe its true because it’s about eleven and a half years since I applied it and my home is well protected and secured from pests. Great!
4 of 5 Stars!February 08, 2012
By Peater S.
I’ve tried and tested other products for wood treatment but their effectiveness is only for a very short period of time. What I want and what I need is one in which its effect lasts long. And I found it in Boracare with Mold Care.
5 of 5 Stars!September 12, 2010
By Bonnie Brantley
I’ve been looking for a wood treatment product in order to protect my wooden home and wooden pieces. And I’ve tried several of them. Yes, they were effective but only for a very short period of time. Then I found Boracare with Mold Care and its label says its effect lasts for twelve years. I used it and I’ve proven its great effect and indeed it lasts for a long period of time. Amazing!
5 of 5 Stars!September 14, 2009
By George S.
I was having quite a time of trouble with mold and decaying fungi. Gladly, I saw that Bora-Care with Mold-Care worked very well to help with that! I saw fast and quick results and plus I got free shipping and a good overall item price! I will be buying more supplies for Pest Control from pestmall!
5 of 5 Stars!termite spray for woodMay 20, 2011
By Geoffrey Hodge
I used Boracare with Mold Care for treating wood products. I am very glad with its effect because my wooden products were not anymore attacked by wood boring insects. It remained protected until now. And as its label says, its effect lasts for about 12 years, hopefully.
5 of 5 Stars!March 19, 2014
By Gene M
I recently purchased oak barn beams. As I cleaned them I discovered worms. I purchased and used the BoraCare with Mold Care. I had a real concern that the product would work since I had never used the product. The beams are now up in my house for two weeks with no sign of worms. Also, the treatment did not change/discolor the wood. Finally, the treatment after drying does not have any smell that I can detect. So far, so good.
5 of 5 Stars!borax termitesJune 12, 2010
By Ben Bender
I highly recommend the use of Boracare with Mold Care. It helped me lot in protecting my wooden structures from infesting pests. Great product. I don’t have to worry with my wooden structures anymore.
5 of 5 Stars!borate wood treatmentJuly 17, 2010
By Irene White
Great product! I used it for the treatment of my wooden pieces at home. Boracare with Mold Care protected them from wood boring insects and other fungi. It preserved my wooden pieces. Highly recommended.
4 of 5 Stars!December 30, 2010
By Cameron Bowers
Good Product..
5 of 5 Stars!wood preservation productsJuly 29, 2010
By Anne Kennedy
Ever since I started using Boracare with Mold Care in my wooden structures, I haven’t seen wood boring insects anymore. It’s a relief because I no longer have to worry about my wooden things. They are already protected by this product.
5 of 5 Stars!March 14, 2010
By Bonnie Kent
Boracare with Mold Care solved my trouble with wood boring pests. I used this product in treating my wooden structures at home. And I am very glad with its result. I recommend this product to everyone.
5 of 5 Stars!insecticide fungicideMay 15, 2011
By Ron Grimes
Boracare with Mold Care is a good product. It gave me quick and impressive results with my problems with decaying fungi. I highly recommend this product.
5 of 5 Stars!bora care with mold careOctober 06, 2011
By Lauren Martinez
Boracare with Mold Care controls and prevents wood boring insects from attacking my wooden structures at home. It did a great help for me. It maintained the beauty of my home. I am happy with this product.

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