Carpenter Bee Traps
Carpenter Bee Traps

Carpenter Bee Traps

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The hole on these carpenter bee traps mimics the entrance of a carpenter bee nest. No bait or poison is needed to use these carpenter bees traps. These carpenter bee traps have been extensively tested and is proven to work. After being trapped, carpenter bees will release a pheromone to attract more carpenter bees into the trap. Multiple carpenter bee traps can be installed around a home. These carpenter bees traps are the long-term carpenter bee solution youve been looking for!

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Carpenter Bees Trap (Bottle Not Included )

With the relatively simple construction, these carpenter bee traps are surprisingly effective. The carpenter bees traps that you see here are constructed from wood and empty plastic bottles. The trap requires no bait to lure the carpenter bees in. Cheap yet effective, these carpenter bees traps are very easy to maintain. Once installed, these traps continually lure carpenter bees for years!

Why Should You Use?

These carpenter bee traps are a low-cost carpenter bee solution for all your carpenter bee problems. It is a simple trap made from wood and plastic bottles. Carpenter bees are fooled by the holes that are strategically placed on these carpenter bee traps, which looks like the entrance holes of natural carpenter bee nests.

These effective carpenter bees traps are from eco-friendly materials that last for years.

Target Pest(s): Carpenter Bees
Manufactured By: Carpenter Bee Solutions

Directions for Use

Screw an empty plastic bottle at the bottom of each of the carpenter bee traps to contain the lured bees. Replace the receiving bottle when full of dead bees. Reuse the bottle or use any bottle that fits on the trap socket. Poke drain holes at the bottom of the plastic bottle before installing them into the traps.

Where to Use

Place the carpenter bee traps on areas where carpenter bees are sighted. Traps can be installed directly over existing carpenter bee nests. Carpenter bees prefer to build their nests on areas that are exposed to sunlight. It is recommended to install these traps building areas that have direct access to the sun's light.

Please read the product label for installation instructions.

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