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Cat Flea Spray
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How to get rid of cat flea

Cats bring in just as many fleas as dogs do and to protect your home from cat fleas, the best thing you can do is apply cat flea spray both on and around the areas that your cat rests without having to worry about hurting your cat or yourself. There is a variety of cat flea sprays that are available on the market and some of the best flea sprays have been gathered together by our technicians here at Pest Mall. Remember, the only way to effectively get rid of fleas completely is to directly attack them with cat flea killer sprays.

The cat flea sprays that are available here are the same exact ones that the professionals are spraying except you do not have to pay the extra service fees that come with it.

Reasons to Control Cat Fleas

It is so important for the health of your cat and yourself that you protect your home from cat fleas. Although cats can live with fleas and rarely show symptoms of a flea infestation, there are several reasons why a cat lover should be careful for cat fleas. The first reason is for the protection of your cat. Cat fleas are capable of spreading infectious diseases like tapeworms and can lead to other irritations like skin disease. Also, although adult cats may be able to withstand the bites of cat fleas, kittens are much smaller and an overwhelming cat flea infestation can cause anemia or even death to a small kitten. Moreover, cat fleas are not only harmful to cats but they are a severe irritation to the owners of the cat. Cat fleas are able to attack humans and their bites cause severe itching to people who are bit.

How Cat Flea Spray Works

Cat flea sprays are crucial to cat flea control. Safe and effective, the professional cat flea sprays that are sold here at Pest Mall are going to give you better results than any “over the counter” remedy. That is because they have something called a “residual” time. Even after it is dry, the cat flea spray continues to kill. Furthermore, many of the leading manufacturers have made cat flea spray to not only kill the adult fleas but have mixed in an IGR (insect growth regulator) formulation, which prohibits nymphs from growing and ultimately interrupting their life cycle. This means that you are gaining the upper hand in cat flea control and you are able to keep cat fleas from invading your house in the future. Spray cat flea spray around the areas where your cat rests and once it is dry, it is completely safe for contact. Also, because the cat flea sprays that are provided here have a residual time, homeowners do not have to worry about spraying every day.

Read all product labels and MSDS labels thoroughly before applying any insecticides.

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Q. flea spray
I live in Canada and I am interested in your flea products but I am concerned about you shipping to Canada..have you had any problems shipping across the border and do you ship with a plain label and exemption from paying duty.. most products like yours are not usually allowed into Canada so if you have found a way around that great because we have a very limited choice in BC as to what products we can purchase. Hopefully we can get your house spray and your animal spray because I just moved into a condo and it is infested with poor cats are suffering. Thanks for the info .
A.   Thank you for contacting us. We do ship some of our products to Canada via USPS. However, we will not be able to send aerosol cans internationally.
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Q. what is better than precor for inside the house?
I used 2 cans precor last year inside my small 800 ft house and did not see a flea for a year. this year it is not working. I spent 2 days moving furnature, washed everthing and they are still eating me alive. it seems to kill them for the first 12 hours but then they are back. I used permethrin sfr and nygard outside with a hose end sprayer and put advantage on the cats. think they are gone in the yard but the cats are still scratching like crazy so maybe the advantage is not doing it. even with the cats outside I cant get rid of them inside. Jeff
A.   We recommend using Ultracide. It is applied similarly like Precor 2000 and contains an IGR that will help with flea control. We also have a product called Petcor that can be sprayed on cats and dogs for treatment. In addition to using insecticides, it is important to continuously vacuum all areas for optimum control.
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Q. flea problem
I have been bitten a lot by some time I believe in my house since I woke up and find new bite. Doctor said it is insect bite. There are no evidence of bed bug and I have special dog come in to confirmed that and i did not travel since May. Inside the house/bed room cannot find anything. I put double side tape around my bed and did not catch anything. I have county office and pest control come in check attic and crawl space. Attic is clean. Crawl space had rat droppings but may be old. Trap did not catch anything. Reinforce all the screen to crawl space. County officer and pest control people did not find anything except some flea in the backyard. Still no sure if flea is the source of my bites but I want to at least get rid of them first. Can you recommend any flea control products for yards for both short term and long term. They found flea under an storage house (which is about less than 1 feet above ground) and some just around the house. So far I have not find anything inside house (will set up some flea traps) but anything you recommend for precaution? inside the house I probably want something effective but non toxic. By the way I do not have pets. Also anything I have to do to the car? The storage unit is right next to my garage which has openings (with screen). By the way I live in a detached house. Thanks a lot for your help! Sorry for the long email just desperate to stop getting bitten every night
A.   For your situation, Ultracide will be a good product to use for flea infestations.

It provides a contact kill but will leave a residual which means that even after it dries it will have a killing effect for about 2 weeks to a month.

You can also use Ultracide in your car. If the aerosol is not what you are looking for, we also have Talstar Pro that is a liquid concentrate. You mix it with water and spray.

You will also need to mix in some Precor IGR with the Talstar so that you can control its reproduction.

You can use Talstar inside and outside. For both Ultracide and Talstar however, you must give it some time to dry before you come in contact with the treated area again
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Q. any link to these products and the cat loosing hair almost a month after use in the household
A.   You may want to have your cat looked at by a veterinarian. You may also want to consult the manufacturer of the product and see if they have had similar cases. We have never had an instance like that with the products.
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