Contrac Blox Rodenticide - 18 lbs. Bucket (NOT FOR SALE IN CA, AK)
Contrac Blox Rodenticide - 18 lbs. Bucket (NOT FOR SALE IN CA, AK)

Contrac Blox Rodenticide - 18 lbs. Bucket (NOT FOR SALE IN CA, AK)

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Contrac Blox Rodenticide - 18 lbs. Bucket (NOT FOR SALE IN CA, AK)
18 lb. Bucket(S)

Contrac BLOX Rodenticide is an all-weather rodenticide with a special formulation that is unsurpassed in attracting and eliminating rodents. A unique blend of palatable ingredients and paraffin wax makes the product ideal for placement indoors or outdoors even in tough weather conditions.

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Contrac Blox Rodenticide - 18 lbs. Bucket

Form the world leader in rodent control products, Bell Laboratories' Contrac BLOX Rodenticide is unparalleled in efficiency as a stand-alone rodent bait. Each Contrac BLOX is a combination of select food-grade ingredients and small traces of Bromadiolone, a pesticide that is more potent than Warfarin used by other rodent control products. BLOX are molded to produce weather-proof polygonal blocks with multiple edges that tempt rodents to nibble more of the bait.

Why Should You Use Contrac Blox?

Contrac BLOX has a high acceptance rate among several species of rodents including Warfarin-resistant rats and mice. These all-weather baits remain fresh regardless of weather conditions.

Target Pest(s): Rats and Mice
Manufactured By: Bell Laboratories
Active Ingredient: Bromadiolone - 0.005%
Size: 18 lbs.
Yield/Application: Each 18-lb pail contains 288 blox
Not For Sale To: AK

Directions for Contrac Blox Use

First determine suitable areas for bait placements such as areas along walls, corners, concealed places, entry points and other areas evident of rodent presence. Keep the bait away from rain, snow and other forms of precipitation. Baits can be held by wires or rods through their centers and left exposed to attract rats and mice. Bait stations such as Bell Rodent Baiters are advised for outdoor bait placements.

FOR RATS: Place 3 to 16 blocks per placement at intervals of 15 to 30 feet in infested areas.

FOR MICE: Place 1 block in each placement and space placements at 8 to 12-foot intervals.

Maintain a constant supply of fresh bait for 10-15 days. Replenish consumed, spoiled and contaminated blocks. Repeat treatments if reinfestation occurs. In some cases, permanent bait placements using bait stations are needed to control severe infestations.

Pre-measured BLOX come in a variety of sizes:

* The large, Super-Size Blox (8 oz., 225g and 200g) work well for heavy rodent infestations and in sewers. They also fit on bait securing rods in rat-size PROTECTA and PROTECTA LP Bait Stations.

* The most popular sized BLOX (1 oz., 28g, 20g, and 15g) are extremely versatile for use in tight locations, nailed to rafters or ceilings, and in Bell's rat- and mouse-size, tamper-resistant bait stations.

* A mini-BLOX (5g) without a center hole is available in some international markets for use in bait stations.

Where to Apply Contrac Blox

Contrac BLOX Rodenticide is for use in and around homes, residential, commercial, agricultural, public and industrial buildings, food processing facilities and transport vehicles.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the product label.

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I can only speak on the carpenter bee traps. We put out four this year (early April) when the carpenter bees came back. Last year we filled, treated and put fresh stain on wood soffits after season in November. We put out traps this year hoping to deter more holes and more bee infestation. The traps didn't work. We swatted them with a tennis racket, put the dead ones inside the bottle in hopes the phermone smell would attract other bees, it didn't. We took dead bees smash and wiped the four holes of each trap, still didn't work. Our last resort is to restain the wood again now before any get inside the wood. We hope the smell of the new stain will be a deterrent. At this point we have sprayed inside the old holes with Sevin Dust, put Seven Dust in the wood filler when filling the old holes last year and coated over with a clear stain. They are driving us crazy.

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