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Earwig Control Basic Kit
Earwig Control Basic Kit

Earwig Control Basic Kit

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You may also need this Chapin One Gallon Sprayer so that you can effectively apply the solution.


Although the earwig bug damages only a small variety of plants, do not actually harm people directly, and do not pose as a real health threat, earwigs in house, their invasion in large numbers, and the great nuisance that comes with the invasion cannot be ignored. Although the nocturnal nature of the earwig bug may affect control methods, it is not difficult to get rid of them from in and around your house when you are using the kits that our technicians here at Pestmall.com have put together. The Earwig Control Basic Kit includes easy to use glue traps to monitor and trap earwigs as well as a micro-encapsulated Fenvastar Ecocap that is easy to mix and provides a long residual both indoors and outdoors. Pestmall.com provides great information on how to kill earwigs and this control kit will assist you with controlling earwigs in house.

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Earwig Control Basic Kit

Contemplating on how to kill earwigs that are outside in your plants or getting rid of earwigs in house? Look no further than this basic control kit for the earwig bug. Earwig bugs are considered a nuisance pest and are more of an occasional invader rather than a common house pest. However, when you find a large number of earwig bug in house, which are left alone to continue to reproduce, the tremendous nuisance that you will experience with the infestation cannot be easily ignored. Therefore, use the Earwig Control Basic Kit monitor when you are considering methods on how to kill earwigs that are both inside and outside of the house. The Catchmaster Glue Traps that are included in the kit are used to monitor and catch earwig bugs. These glue based traps are set out behind and under furniture, in corners of rooms, on windowsills and by the door and are only replaced once every 2-3 months and is ideal for earwigs in house. The Fenvastar EcoCap is a micro encapsulated formula that will provide you with a long residual so that you will only have to apply it once every 2 months outdoors and once every 3 months indoors. This is a product to use when you are thinking about how to kill earwig bugs that are both inside and outside, since it is labeled for use indoors as well as outdoors.

Target Pest(s): Earwig
Kit Contains:

1 / Fenva Star Eco Cap
10 / Catchmaster Glue Trap

FenvaStar EcoCap-(Generic Onslaught) - 8 oz.

Fenvastar EcoCap is a microencapsulated suspension concentrate containing 0.3 pounds active ingredient per gallon.

Fenvastar EcoCap is designed to provide long residual activity against pests listed on this label when applied as surface or spot treatments or as a crack and crevice spray in and around residential and commercial structures, as well as on turf and landscaping. Fenvastar EcoCap may be sprayed on any surface that will not be stained by water. DO NOT use this product as a fogger or apply it as a space spray. Do not apply in electrical conduits, junction and switch boxes, motor housings, or other electrical equipment due to shock hazard from water-based spray. Wondering how to kill earwigs outside or earwigs in house with Fenvastar? Fenvastar Will kill the earwig bug with its powerful active ingredient when the earwigs come in contact with the treated area. The long residual of this product means that even after it the treated area is dry, as long as the earwig bug comes in contact with the active ingredient, it will kill the earwigs, even 2-3 months after it has dried. This is also ideal for earwigs in house because it can be used as a long-lasting crack and crevice treatment.

Manufactured By: LG International
Target Pests: Ants (including fire ants), aphids, asian lady beetles, bedbugs, beetles, boxelder bugs, carpet beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, dog ticks, earwigs, firebrats, fleas, and many more listed.
For Use In: indoors and outdoors, in food and non-food areas such as, but not limited to: homes, schools, warehouses, office buildings, apartment buildings, theatres, hotels, industrial buildings, motels, kennels, livestock housing, food processing plants, food service establishments, restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores, transportation equipment, truck trailers, railroad cars, and food manufacturing and warehousing establishments.
Active Ingredient: Esfenvalerate - 3.5%
Yield: 1 to 2 oz per gallon of water
Size: 8 oz.

Catchamaster Mouse / Insect Glue Board

Glueboards are effective for monitoring and one of the safest ways of how to kill earwigs. Light and easy to use, Catchmaster mouse trap (Insect Glue Trap) is a non-toxic glue trap that is great to catch small rodents such as mice, or insects such as flies, moths, roaches, and house spiders. It is pre-baited with peanut butter scent, and stays effective up to one year. Because Catchmaster Mouse & Insect Glue Trap is non-toxic, it is safe for both human and pets. In case the glue gets on anyone or any pet, it can be painlessly removed with household vegetable oil. It is recommended to place multiple traps along the walls or the rodents' running paths. Use flat for better trapping or folded to protect the glue from the dusts.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label. For more information on how to kill earwigs or the use of this kit, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-788-4142.

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I ordered 5ft long fox trap on Monday and it was delivered from Duluth to Nashville the very next day.The instruction sheet was missing and I called steve and he emailed me one before we stopped talking and sent me to video..I got it assembled short order and it is now in the woods looking for the bobcat that tore up my dinky one ..if the bobcat tears this one up..I am moving to the city..good product..great customer service

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