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EMBED Box Spring Encasement - Full Size
EMBED Box Spring Encasement - Full Size EMBED Box Spring Encasement - Full Size

EMBED Box Spring Encasement - Full Size

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EMBED Box Spring Encasement - Full Size
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EMBED Box Spring Encasement - Full Size
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EMBED Box Spring Encasement - Full Size
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EMBED box spring encasements and protector provides you with high quality and effectiveness to protect your box spring from bed bugs as well as dust mites and other allergens. Completely breathable, impermeable by dust mites, and bed bug proof, EMBED is a necessary part of a safe environment in the most vulnerable of places during your rest.

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EMBED Box Spring Encasement - Full Size

Why Should You Use the EMBED Box Spring Cover?

Alongside the mattress cover, the EMBED box spring encasement and cover will help you create an altogether better environment around what many people may consider the most intimate area in your home. The hypo-allergenic box spring encasement can be a type of prevention for bed bug control, but more so than that, it is impermeable by dust mites and other allergens. It is not only easy to set up and install, but the EMBED box spring encasement is easy to maintain and clean as well. While only requiring a wash by machine and tumble dry just once every few years, you can easily wipe down surfaces or lightly vacuum to maintain the encasement between washes.

The most common hiding spot inside the home for bed bugs is the bed itself. Not only does this include the cracks and crevices of the bed frame and the mattress, but potential hiding spots can definitely be found on the box spring as well. Considering that the entire bed can be a potential hiding spot, EMBED has made not only a mattress cover to encase the mattress, but has also made a separate box spring encasement and cover to slip over the entire box spring.

By using EMBED box spring cover, you are also able to gain the upper hand in your fight against aggravating allergens and dust mites. This will be especially true for people will allergies. Dust mites and allergens, that can be found inside upholstery and furniture, can cause frustrating health side effects like constant nasal stuffiness, watery and itchy eyes, and dermatitis. Dust mites and other allergens can also be detrimental to your respiratory system and trigger illnesses like asthma.

Target Pest(s): Bed bugs, Dust Mites and Allergens
Manufactured By: Embed
Care Instructions: Cold water wash with regular detergent. No bleach. Cool dry. Do not iron.
Size: Full: 75" x 53" x 9" - fits up to 11" deep Box Spring
Key Features:

Bed Bug Certified
Protection from Dust Mites, Mold, Bacteria, and other Allergens

EMBED Box Spring Encasement Features:

Use EMBED box spring encasement and cover to protect yourself from the unseen and pesky bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens. All EMBED box spring encasements are made with totally breathable material and are non-allergenic. Made to be sturdy, but without losing its comfort, EMBED box spring covers are easy to use and easy to maintain as well.

  • Hypo-Allergenic: Not only does the EMBED box spring cover assist in controlling a bed bug infestation, but it will also assist in setting up a defense against dust mites and other allergens that can be detrimental to your health.
  • Fully Breathable Material
  • Stretch Fabric: Unlike many other box spring covers, the EMBED box spring encasement and covers are made with a stretchable material that easily covers the entire box spring.
  • Lightweight Material: Easily laundered without hassle and lightweight material makes it easy to maintain.

We would like you to keep in mind that solely covering your box spring does not discourage an infestation in your mattress. Mattress covers are sold separately to ensure optimized control of bed bugs, as well as dust mites and other allergens. Although EMBED mattress covers and box spring covers is a crucial part of bed bug control, these products will not eradicate a bed bug infestation. Likewise, although the covers discourage dust mites and other allergens from the bed, dust mites and allergens can build up in other places like curtains, behind and under furniture, and etc.


We do not take returns of any open or used items!! Please make sure the product you have order is the right one and the size you need before opening. We do this in case of spreading bed bugs.

Please refer to and follow the instructions on the Product label.

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