Fire Ants Control Products

Fire Ants Control Products
Size: 1/16-1/4"
Color: Dull red to brown
Habitat: Ground or near soil
Origin: Native(southern) and Central Brazil(red imported)
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Fire Ant Control

Also known as ginger ants or tropical fire ants, fire ants are not like typical black ants that homeowners may see scurrying about the cracks in the walls of their homes. Because they tend to be more aggressive, Fire Ant Control may be a little bit intimidating and more difficult. Along with being fierce insects, fire ants also have painful stings that some compare with the sensation of being burned by fire. Depending on the person, a fire ant sting can be severe and painful enough to require medical attention. Due to these hazards, fire ants pose as potent threats to humans who are inhabiting the same area. Pest Mall provides quality fire ant killer products that will effectively exterminate fire ants and their colonies. For more information on the control of fire ants or a specific fire ant killer, feel free to keep reading or contact us with questions.

Fire Ant Control Products

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Fire Ant Behavior

Before looking for the right fire ant killer, it's crucial that you are able to identify the pest and understand the fire ant behavior. This will help you in the long run with being successful with control. The most common species of fire ant found in the US is the Red Imported Fire Ant (or RIFA, for short). The RIFA is particularly problematic because of their aggressive and social nature. If one stings a human or animal, it will release a pheromone that attracts hundreds of other ants, which will also sting the overwhelmed victim. Unlike other ant species, fire ants use their pincers to only grab a grip on the victim so that they can sting him/her. Similar to other ant colonies, fire ants are meticulous workers and can produce and expand a colony even if only queen ant and a few male/worker ants are remaining. Fire ants, especially RIFA’s, are resilient insects that will loyally defend their queen(s) and colony. RIFA’s are particularly outstanding in terms of endurance; they are constantly moving and building new colonies. In addition, RIFA’s also clump together in a balled-up mass with the queen(s) in the center to survive stormy or intense weather and relocate to a new area. While their determination is admirable and their amazing work ethic desirable, fire ants are definitely pests that a homeowner would prefer to admire from afar, miles away from any locations where the ants could cause havoc and injuries.

Fire Ant Control Methods

Thankfully, there are a myriad of different products and fire ant killers available that will effectively control fire ant colonies. For outdoor infestations, Pest Mall provides a variety of granules and ant baits that can be applied around fire ant mounds or outside homes to prevent the ants from entering the home. These products are the most effective type of fire ant killer for outdoor treatments. For indoor problems, one can use a liquid fire ant killer, aerosol, dust, or gel bait/bait stations. Gel baits and bait stations have a delay kill effect and will allow the ants to carry the poison back to the colony so that it will infect several other ants with it. Therefore, it is imperative to not kill ants that have come in contact with the bait. Aerosols can be sprayed on walls, on furniture, and for spot treatment to kill ants instantly. Liquid insecticides can be applied as a perimeter treatment around a room or the entire structure to kill ants that pass through the chemical. Dust pesticides can be utilized for crack and crevice treatments to kill ants that are hidden behind walls. Since dusts are prone to drift and hazardous to human and animal health, they should not be applied anywhere where they can be inhaled.

For more information on the variety of fire ant killer products that we have available or more for more information on fire ant control, please feel free to contact us.

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Q. little fire ants
What do you recommend for killing LFA? I am in Hawaii and we have LFA. They live in trees, not mounds, and it rains here every day and the granular baits don't do well with rain.
A.   If granular baits do not work, we recommend the liquid concentrate called Termidor. Termidor is originally a termiticide but will work well for ant control. If you would like to place an order, please send us an email to with the quantity of the product you would like so that we can provide you with an accurate shipping quotation.
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Q. Pet-safe fire ant control
What do you have that is safe to use on the lawn with two maniac dogs? Is there anything that can be applied in the AM...and we can take the dogs away for the day, and water the substance in that PM before letting them into the yard?

Thank you for contacting us with your question. For fire ant control the best pesticide to use would be a type of bait granular such as the Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait. Because fire ant mounds may spread very deep in to the ground, using a type of bait granular would be most effective in getting rid of the whole colony.

You will only need to spread the granular around and on top of the ant mound. When spreading the granular on top of the ant mound, it may irritate them and cause them to temporarily spread, but because it is a type of bait granular it will eventually kill them all.

Using a type of bait granular may take some time in order to get rid of the whole colony, but because fire ant mounds can be as big as 6 feet under ground it is the most effective way in order to get rid of the whole colony. As long as you do not spread the bait granular around your whole yard it should be safe for dogs, because they tend to stay away from the ant mounds.

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Q. Talstar for Fire ants
Do you carry the one that has the brown pellet? for Fire ants
A.   Talstar EZ Granular Insecticid are brown color and proven to eliminate fire ant invaders within 24 hours
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Q. Not just kill...repel
I'm having major issues with fire ants in my yard. I've used Amdro and other products which work on the mound but then other mounds crop back up. I have three dogs and a vegetable garden, so controlling fire ants is very important to me. What is the best product to not only kill the mounds but keep new colonies from coming into my yard? My neighbor uses a professional company bait product, so we may getting the ants from her yard as well. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure my puppies will also be happy not to have ants in between their toes!
A.   Fire ant control is the most effective during the fall season when they are foraging for food for the last time before they hibernate for the winter. We recommend using Acephate, which is a highly effective bait killer to use against fire ants. Unfortunately though, there is no real preventative for fire ants. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. Do you have a product effective for controlling fire ants in crop land?
A.   The Cyonara Lawn and Garden Spray can be effectively applied in crop areas for fire ants
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Q. fire ants in my yard
What is my best choice for fire ants. I have tried several baits with no success. I am trying to grow vegetables in my yard and the ants are making it impossible to enjoy the yard. I also would like to eat the food I grow without fear. I am surrounded by pastures with very large mounds. Is there a product that I can use to create a barrier around my yard or at least the garden plots? Thanks,
A.   We do not have any thing specific that you can use to create a barrier around your garden. The best thing I can recommend you for fire ant treatment is the Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait.
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