Fleas Control Products

Fleas Control Products
Size: 1/16 - 1/8"
Color: Usually dark color
Infestation: Parasite / Indoor
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Fleas on Dogs & Cats

You may have a furry friend that you adore, but are concerned about none other than fleas. They can be the most annoying part of owning a pet. Scratching endlessly, fleas can agitate both you and your pet. There is no need to fret though. As intimidating and bothersome it is to deal with fleas, Pest Mall can help you find information on how to kill Fleas. Not only will we be able to provide information, but we provide a myriad of products that will help you get rid of Fleas quickly and effectively. For more information on how to kill Fleas and flea killers, please continue to read more or feel free to contact us.

How to Get Rid of Fleas: Knowing Flea Cycles

Before thinking about how to kill Fleas or how to get rid of Fleas with chemicals, by knowing the reproductive cycle, you will be able to prepare the correct products that are needed for effective control. The eggs are laid on the host animal and then they fall onto the premises where they hatch into their maggot-like larva. After approximately two weeks, the larvae will develop into a pupa. They will then create a cocoon around themselves where they will remain until they emerge as an adult flea. Flea development inside the house commonly takes place on and under rugs, in floor cracks and crevices, on and around furniture and pet resting areas. Unfortunately, they can reproduce very quickly and can cause a lot of havoc in a household. When thinking about how to kill Fleas, it is the best to think methods of prevention. The best method on how to kill Fleas, you should strongly consider treating your pets first. This will be one of the most crucial parts of flea control.

Fleas in House : You can get rid of them using our products easily

The great news is that there are plenty of ways to prevent and get rid of Fleas. Unlike many of the online stores out there, Pest Mall’s pest control substances are professionally qualified to get rid of Fleas faster than the norm flea control products you would find at your local store. Expert exterminators use the same exact professional flea control products provided at Pest Mall to get the job done.

Fleas are a hassle to control and to get rid of if it is not done correctly. They can also cause major health problems for your pets, including anemia, allergic dermatitis and even tapeworms. It is vital to have this problem taken care of as soon as you notice your pets itching away. When considering how to kill Fleas inside the house, remember the source of the flea infestation and consider treating your pet with one of the pet products we carry. Washing your pets on a daily basis is recommended. However, due to busy schedules we rarely have time to bath our beloved pets. Moreover, washing with “flea concentrated” shampoos will not always get the job done. Furthermore, however, even when your pets are thoroughly clean and flea-free, you also have to worry about the other indoor fleas. Regular aerosol insect sprays that are purchased in the local hardware store will not get the job done when you are trying to solve a major flea infestation. The following are a list of suggestive solutions on how to kill Fleas both inside and outside the home.

Flea Control Products

  • Concentrated Liquid Insecticides for Fleas
    Wide variety of liquid insecticides to handle outdoor & indoor fleas
  • Professional Aerosol Flea Sprays
    Forget about Raid and use professional grade Sprays to handle your fleas. Flea bombs are very useful when a room is infested with fleas.
  • Outdoor Flea Granular Insecticides
    Flea granules are a great way to prevent fleas and set up parameters outdoors.
  • How to kill Fleas with Long Residual Dust Insecticides
    Dust products are great for crack and crevice treatment including wall voids, spaces between walls and cabinets or other small spaces that are out of reach of pets and children.

Flea Control

Precor is one of the best selling professional insecticides on the market today. Precor are very effective in dealing with flea infestations and are harmless to your pet(s). There are more insecticides presented below ranging in price and quantity. Pest Mall’s products are strictly for professional use and guarantee to get rid of your flea infestation without a hitch. We also provide various kits for situational flea problems, such as a flea control kit for cats and dogs, flea indoor & outdoor control kit and more. Pest Mall prepares kits for their loyal patrons to better equip them when handling aggravating flea problems.

Our advice is to obtain one of our 5 star flea kits. The control strategies can vary and there are numerous ways to handle fleas utilizing different products. Keep in mind, there is no true “one way” method to terminate fleas.

For more information on how to kill Fleas with the provided products that are available in our store or other methods on how to control fleas, feel free to contact us.

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I have home flea infestation. Which product should I use? Thanks
A.   We recommend a Flea Control Kit. This kit that we recommend to you is our most popular.


It includes 2 cans of Ultracide which is used for areas that are concentrated with the flea infestation. Its a knockdown agent and so once the treated area is dry, you must vacuum. The liquid concentrate, Masterline Bifenthrin, is a killing agent that has a residual time. It can be used both outside and inside. Indoors, it is primarily used near the floor boards, door frames and etc.

The small 1 ounce bottle is an IGR. IGR stands for insect growth regulator which doesn't have a killing effect but it does regulate their growth which prohibits them from reproducing.

With fleas, since you have a dog, you must give the dog a bath every week until the flea infestation is controlled.

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Q. Fleas in our bed. How to get rid of them asap?
We have three dogs. All get the monthly frontline flea control and bathed twice a month by a professional groomer. What is available to take care of the entire yard and inside the house, along with the dogs?
A.   Talstar Pro is a great product for both indoor and outdoor use but it cannot be sprayed directly on pets or children. Also, when you use it inside, you must give it time to completely dry before you come in contact with the treated area.
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Q. how many oz. for 1gal. of bifin i/t for fleas
A.   Typically, it requires 1 fl. oz. of Bifen IT to a gallon of water to treat for fleas. Please refer to the product label before applying any pesticides.
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Q. Have pet rats, dogs, and a snake with fleas, how to kill the fleas?
A.   If the fleas are infesting the pets, you must get them treated. As far as indoor surface treatment, we recommend using a mixture of Conquer and Precor IGR, focusing on areas where the infestation is heavy, as well as spraying cracks and crevices. Be sure to vacuum daily and dispose of the contents immediately.
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Q. Now I Have Flea Problem.
I was wondering something so I thought I had better check with you. Last year I had a roach problem and purchased your Cyper Wp, 1 lb. powder container. I got sick and didn't use it for awhile. When I did use it I was absolutely amazed. I don't have roaches anymore. I will be forever grateful for this product. This year we have a flea problem. We can't keep them off our little chihuahua. I noticed on the container that the Cyper Wp is recommended for fleas also but I couldn't find where it is safe to use as a spray on your dog. Could you tell me if this is safe to use? I'm sure it would work but I don't want to harm him. So I'll wait for your reply. thank you very much for your products.
A.   Cyper WP would NOT be recommended to be sprayed on your pet. I would highly recommend the Petcor Flea spray for cats and dogs.

Now with the Cyper WP that you already have, you can do crack and crevice treatment and also treat around the outside perimeter of your home for a complete treatment for fleas.

Once the applied pesticide has fully dried it is safe for pets or small children.
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Q. flea infestation
Fleas in carpet. can the carpet be sprayed with Bifen I/T and then be walked on after drying.

I would not recommend using a liquid insecticide on direct contact with the carpet.

For flea treatment indoors, I would definitely recommend a fogger, such as the Precor Plus Fogger. It contains an IGR, which prevents the fleas from being able to reproduce.

It is safe to use indoors, you just have to close up all the windows and doors of the room that you are fogging.

Let it sit for an hour, and then ventilate the room for another 2 hours. The residual time is up to 7 months

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Q. can talstar be used in a shampooer
A.   No, it is not labeled for that use. You must use a gallon sprayer that can be purchased from us or from a local hardware store.
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Q. Looking for Fleas repellent
Do you carry any kind of product I can use on my clothing and skin when I am subjected to areas of flea infestations so I do not bring them home with me. Long story behind this, but do you have something that will last and not so greasy or do you know of a place that does.
A.   Unfortunately, we do not carry any products that you can directly apply to your clothes or to your skin. You may need to see a dermatologist that will help you or purchase an over the counter product or repellent.
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Q. My cat has had a few fleas. She is on Advantage, but the fleas are obviously still around the house. I plan to buy the Flea Control kit, but do I need the powder (for cracks in the floor) as well? And, what should I use on my mattress?
Thanks for your help!
A.   The Flea Control Kit is a great kit to help you jumpstart your flea control. You can also purchase the contents of this kit separately. The aerosol sprays are used for isolated areas of infestation and if you need to treat your mattress, you can use the Ultracide, but it will have to be restricted to just the seams and folds of the mattress. We do not have any products that you can use to do a broad spray on the entire mattress. If you are consistent and thorough with your liquid treatments, a dust treatment may not be necessary. However, that will really also depend on the magnitude of the infestation. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142 or email us at info@pestmall.com
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Q. flea killer
I have an eleven year old cat and this year I have a heavy flea infestation here in GA. I have used Adams pyrethrin dip on her without problem but these fleas seem to have proven immune to it in increasing numbers. As well they seem to be immune to Frontline (fipronil) which I used to use for many of the last several years. I have ordered some Advantage for her to see if it will work but I need something to broadcast spray - saturate the carpets to end this problem. I know that "thrin" insecticides such as Permethrin are toxic to her if applied directly but I have heard that they are safe once dry after application - is this true and true for the product Bifen I/T ?
A.   Yes, it is true that it is toxic when wet to not only animals, but to people as well. But once it is dried, it is usually safe. However, they cannot be applied as a broadcast spray on carpets and furniture. We recommend Zenprox EC. It is labeled for broadcast spray indoors as well as crack and crevice spray. For furniture treatment though, we only recommend using in on the frame and on the underside of the furniture. Like all other insecticide sprays, you must make sure that all treated areas are avoided until after the treatment has completely dried. We also recommend using an IGR with Zenprox EC. We recommend the Precor IGR as it was made specifically for flea infestations. Please follows all product labels before applying any insecticides.
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