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Flea Dusts
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How to control flea

Treating a flea outbreak in your house can be tedious, frustrating, and tiring. Typically, the reason for the difficulty level in treating your house for fleas is because of the places that the fleas infest. Eggs and nymphs fall out where your pets rest. Many times, small animals can access areas that people cannot even reach. These places are areas like behind furniture and under couches and beds. Also, as cats and dogs travel throughout the room, any crack and crevice, like the area where the carpet meets the wall, might be a perfect hiding place for fleas. Flea dusts allow homeowners to target areas that they are not able to come in contact with frequently.

Flea dusts have a long residual time which gives homeowners the assurance of effective treatment without having to frequently apply insecticides.

Importance of Flea Dust

Although flea sprays kill on contact just like dust products do, the short residual of liquid insecticides require continuous applications. This can be a tiring task when there is a flea infestation of hundreds of thousands, which also continue to reproduce. Flea dust products provide the longest residual time out of all the different types of insecticide and will control fleas for up to 5 months. Also, even though liquid sprays may be safe when they are used correctly, they also require that treated areas are left alone for several hours at a time. For a busy homeowner who doesn’t have time to waste waiting up to 2 to 3, even 4 hours long for a flea spray to dry, dust products assure control and will kill on contact. Dust products are even efficient for outdoor control, wall void control, and provide a lasting control in hard to reach areas like behind or under furniture. These areas are places that homeowners may not be able to access regularly and frequently enough. Furthermore, many flea dusts are made of more natural ingredients like diatomaceous earth or borate, which is less harmful for people and non-target animals.

How to Use Flea Dust

The most efficient way to use a flea dust is to use it in conjunction with a flea spray. For overwhelming flea infestations, it is good to do an initial treatment with a fogger or a liquid spray. Because repeating treatment every week, or even every day, is tedious and time consuming, use flea dust to control fleas for long term spans without applying insecticides everywhere, all the time. Flea dust can be dusted in areas of minimal contact or no contact, like the wall voids, in attics and crawl spaces, behind and underneath furniture, and in the cracks and crevices of the room. It can also be applied to areas like under the cushions or seats of the couch, under the pet bedding, and outdoors in flea harboring areas.

All product labels and MSDS labels should be thoroughly reviewed before any pesticide is applied. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 1-800-788-4142.

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